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Canvas prints are a durable form of art that can withstand modest exposure without fading. At “The Canvas Prints”, we ensure you enjoy your printed memories for many years by utilizing premium quality materials and innovative techniques.

You can enhance the longevity and durability of your cherished photo canvas prints by opting for our Canvas Coating service. Our canvas coating not only preserves the vividness of your memories but also offers additional protection against environmental factors.

With canvas coating, your prints can benefit from:

Long-lasting vibrancy of coloursLong-lasting vibrancy of colours
UV protectionUV protection
Moisture resistanceMoisture resistance
Scratch resistanceScratch resistance
Easy maintenanceEasy maintenance
Professional appearanceProfessional appearance
What is a canvas coating, and why is it necessary?

Canvas Coating is a protective layer of Latex applied to canvas prints to preserve their quality and appearance. It is recommended to have your prints coated or laminated to extend their life, prevent fading, and ensure protection from environmental factors like dust and UV rays.

Does canvas coating affect the appearance of prints?

A slight gloss can be experienced on the canvas prints after the coating process. But don’t worry! The added shine will only enhance the picture’s appearance and make it more appealing.

Is canvas coating suitable for all types of canvas prints?

Yes, our canvas coating service is suitable for all types of canvas prints, whether they are personal photographs, artworks, or decorative elements. However, we specifically recommend it for dark prints because it helps maintain the richness of deep colours.

Can canvas coating or lamination be applied to canvas prints of all sizes, or are there limitations based on dimensions?

Yes, we provide coating for canvas prints of all sizes and dimensions at a flat rate of £8.00. Whether you have a small, medium, or large canvas print, we offer the same reliable service to protect and preserve your prints.

Will the coating process impact the shipping and delivery durations?

No, the coating process will not affect the shipping schedule. We are committed to delivering your canvas prints within 3 working days or as per the agreed-upon delivery timeline, ensuring that your orders are received on time while maintaining the highest quality standards.

How long does the canvas coating last?

The longevity of canvas coating can vary depending on factors like environmental conditions and handling. However, with proper care, you can expect your canvas prints to last for decades.

How do I clean a coated canvas?

Cleaning coated canvas prints is easy and similar to cleaning uncoated ones. Simply use a soft, damp cloth to wipe off the daily accumulated dust or dirt. Visit our comprehensive guide on how to clean canvas prints for step-by-step instructions.

Is canvas coating safe for the environment and health?

Our canvas coating is environmentally friendly and safe for indoor use. It meets stringent environmental and health standards, ensuring that it's a responsible choice for preserving your canvas prints.

Can I order a canvas print without additional coating?

Absolutely! Just skip the option during the checkout process to order your canvas print without lamination or coating, and we will ensure your order is prepared according to your preference.

Can I DIY the lamination on my canvas prints?

While DIY canvas coating is possible, we recommend professional application for the best results. Applying coating yourself can be challenging, as it requires the right materials, techniques, and a controlled environment to ensure an even and protective finish.

Do you offer canvas coating on old or previously purchased canvas prints?

If you have existing canvas prints you'd like to protect and enhance, please email us at, and we'll be happy to assist you in the best way possible.