Can You Hang a Canvas Print in The Bathroom

Attention to detail is the most critical aspect of interior décor. It's not just about a fancy-looking living room or incorporating the latest trendy furniture in your bedrooms. But rather about paying attention to the complete appearance of your house - including the bathroom!

Most people neglect the hallways, kitchens, and, most often, the bathrooms when designing their homes. People do not realize that the bathroom's décor is as essential as any other part of your home. You can blend the bathroom accessories, mirrors, and tiles and hang some canvas prints for outstanding results.

But it would be best if you decorated a bathroom that matches the rest of the interior.

In this post, we will discuss if you can hang canvas prints in the bathroom, along with some decor ideas.

Let’s learn further.

Décor Ideas For The Bathroom

The bathroom décor is a blend of several items like mats, towels, shower curtains, potpourri, potted plants, and colorful soaps. Bottles of little shampoo and body lotions placed in colorful containers add further appeal.

Of course, the walls are also necessary, whether painted or tiled. All these elements make a bathroom look amazing.

But, most people leave the walls bland beyond the paint or tiles. The most they do is use them for towel racks. Some people put up old-fashioned and tacky wallpapers, which look terrible. I wonder if they have considered canvas prints in the bathroom.

Can You Hang Canvas Prints in The Bathroom?

Yes, you can hang canvas prints in a bathroom. It can help significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of the loo. Just be sure to add photos on canvas that feel appropriate for the location. Family vacation pictures aren't a good idea.

Instead, you can opt for nature's beauty, like some ice-covered mountains or lush green valleys. A bathroom is also an excellent place to post jokes. It can make your stay somewhat fun. You're the best judge of what kind of photos, graphics, or text goes on the bathroom walls.

But Why Choose Canvas Prints For Bathroom Decor?

You may wonder why we must put the canvas prints in the bathrooms. It is a genuine question, and there are a thousand good reasons to choose canvas prints.

We'll discuss some of these reasons below.

  • Your bathroom walls are no longer bland and have some images adding value to them instead.

  • You can print anything on the canvases. This flexibility allows you to find images, graphics, or text that gels in with the rest of the bathroom décor.

  • The canvases are better than wallpaper, which is a pretty old-fashioned idea. Good quality wallpapers can surely help the decor, but they often cost a small fortune.

  • You can hang stretched canvases effortlessly in an instant. They’re good to go.

  • Canvas prints come in various sizes. The choices are endless, from a print size 6" x 6" to 30" x 60" and everything in between.

  • You can also opt whether you want a picture, graphic, or text printed on a single canvas or split canvas. You also have the option to make collages or print your pictures on panoramic canvases.

  • Canvas prints are durable and last a very long time. They're easy to clean and low maintenance, meaning a wipe with a washcloth every few days is all it needs.

  • Canvas prints come at low prices and they are worth it. You can get a great deal when you order multiple canvas prints.

  • Since the material is tough, it can withstand the conditions of a bathroom much better than the traditional photographic paper, which can quickly swell when exposed to moisture.

Now that we have established that you can have canvas prints in the bathroom and why it is a good idea, let's discuss some possible issues.

What Can go Wrong?

There are several issues, apart from the poor picture choices, that you can face when you have canvas prints in the bathroom. Let's dig in further.

  1. Moisture is an Issue!

Unsurprisingly, any object in a bathroom will be exposed to moisture. However, a canvas print can be damaged due to too much moisture in the longer run. The print's surface can also get moulds if the situation is out of control.

  1. Mind the Theme

Pay attention to the bathroom's overall theme and the home's décor before adding the canvas prints. They should look like a part of the plans, not something forced into the scheme of things last minute.

  1. Not in the Face

Adding a few canvases in your half bathroom can be a good thing. But if you put in a large canvas or they're placed right in front of the person using the bathroom, it will make things very awkward. Use your imagination for ideal canvas placements.

  1. Going Overboard

A few reasonably sized prints on canvas look good inside the bathroom. However, you can fall in love with the idea and go overboard with multiple canvases. That really doesn't help your décor ideas. Fifty canvas prints covering every inch of your bathroom is a no-go.

So What's The Solution?

A few options can help you pull off the idea of adding canvas prints in the loo. As we've already discussed, selecting the right images is the first. Let's learn more.

  1. Avoid the Wet Spots

The first thing you need to do is to find spots in your bathroom where there is less moisture in general. It should also be away from the shower and washbasin, where splashes from water are every day.

Such a placement will minimize the exposure of the canvas prints to moisture and add more life to them. Wiping off any moisture from the print after you take a shower also helps.

  1. Add a Frame, Perhaps?

If you want to be extra careful and add even more longevity to your canvases, why not add a reasonable quality glass frame to protect them. The glass and frame will stop the dust and moisture from damaging the canvas.

A word of caution, though, you do not want the heavy frames as they may look out of place. Also, remember that if you are using multiple frames, they should have similar sizes and colors to look well in the bathroom.

  1. Find a Balance

Once you have figured out where to put the canvases, the next step is to find a balance to ensure they don't look out of place. This means that the prints on canvas should match the overall theme of the bathroom. You should avoid adding too many of them.

  1. Pay Attention to the Color Scheme

Along with the overall theme of things, ensure that the colors in the canvas gel well with the bathroom. The contents of the canvases should not look out of place. Similarly, the frames also should match the color theme.

There is always a wriggle room; you can go for mix and match, but it should not be haphazard. Some people opt for many colors in the pictures, while others choose monochrome images. As long as it looks well, experimentation is a good thing.

  1. Be Subtle

Be subtle and don't force any ideas into the décor. If a couple of small prints do the job, you do not need to add a dozen. Don't use the entire palette if you like more colors on your walls. It will definitely look odd.

Ensure that whatever you add appears natural. Otherwise, the whole exercise will be futile, and your efforts will fail to bring the desired outcome.

The Bottom Line

Interior décor is a crucial part of any home. Most people pay attention to prominent places like the living room, bedrooms, and family room. However, people often overlook areas like hallways, the kitchen, and especially the bathroom.

Creating a décor theme in the bathroom can lift its appearance. One of the useful décor options for the bathroom is canvas prints. They can gel well with the surroundings and make the loo aesthetically more appealing.

You must ensure that the prints are not damaged due to excessive moisture contact. At the same time, the canvases should match the rest of the bathroom décor.

It would be best if you made some effort to find the right balance, and your bathrooms should look amazing. Don’t shy away from experimenting a little. It can help you come up with amazing results.