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Bring Your Precious Photos to Life on Canvas

Premium Quality CanvasPremium Quality Canvas
Free Hanging Kit IncludedFree Hanging Kit Included
Custom Size Option IncludedCustom Size Option Included
3 Day Mainland UK Delivery3 Day Mainland UK Delivery
Free Image Enhancement ServiceFree Image Enhancement Service
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We will make your walls come to life!

Why choose "The Canvas Prints"?

quality canvas
We bring you the highest quality photo canvas.
lowest price canvas
We guarantee the lowest prices in the UK!
money back guarantee
We provide our customers with a money-back guarantee.
lifetime guarantee
If you don't break your canvas, it will last you a lifetime.
free delivery in uk
We provide free delivery to the mainland UK for orders over £99.
free image editing
We offer free image editing service to our clients!
satisfaction guaranteed
Our clients have a 100% satisfaction rate, and we aim to maintain it.
excellent customer support
Our customers have our support 24/7, and we are glad to assist them.

Canvas Print Style and Sizes

We offer a wide range of canvas prints designed to meet your custom requirements. You can explore some of them below
Single Photo On Canvas

Single Photo Canvas Print

Select from sizes spanning 6 to 60 inches, or design a custom-sized canvas between 6 and 40 inches in square, rectangle, or panoramic.

Personalise your space with cherished memories on a large canvas print. Our expertise ensures your memories are flawlessly preserved. Premium quality result is our promise!

Simply choose a size that suits your vision, and let us take care of the rest.

Design Single Canvas

 Single Photo Across Multiple Canvas

Single Photo Across Multiple Canvas

Turn your walls into dynamic art displays with our stunning split canvas prints. The arrangement of multiple canvases will elevate your decor into a gallery-worth masterpiece.

Unlock your creativity as you curate your photograph to span across several canvases in varying sizes and layouts.

Design now and bring your decor dreams to life with exquisite photo canvas prints.

Design Split Canvas

Canvas Wall Display Packages

Canvas Wall Display Packages

Create interesting wall display packages with your photos and images on canvases of different sizes.

Handpick your favourite images, select the dimensions according to your personal space, and place your order for a custom arrangement.

Our attention to detail ensures the preservation and captivating display of every memory, creating an enriching visual experience.

Design Package

Quality Canvas Prints

Bring your walls to life with your favorite pictures displayed on top-quality canvas prints.

Best Price Canvases

At The Canvas Prints, we take pride in offering you the best prices, starting as low as £11.99 (for a 6"x6" or 15cmx15cm canvas). Plus, we provide a free hanging kit for your canvas.

Our commitment to bringing you value for money extends beyond the canvas cost, with shipping rates set at just £3.99 per order. You can also benefit from free delivery on orders of over £99.

Canvas Quality and Printing

Experience the finest quality and printing when you choose us as your canvas printing company. We bring you a deal that's in a league of its own, printed on 320 gsm thick polyester. This is one of the thickest canvases you'll find out there!

The photo canvases are built to last, thanks to the 100% solid pine stretcher bars. It gives the canvas prints a sturdy appearance and a frame that is ready to hang - as soon as shipped!

Vast Design Options of Canvases

Upload Your Image and unlock your creativity with our built-in image editor.

We offer an extensive selection of sizes, colour, and layouts for your designs. We also cater to your unique needs by providing you with the option of custom canvas sizes.

At The Canvas Prints UK, we don’t just sell art! We create statements that reflect luxury and your personal style.

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best quality photo prints

What Sets The Canvas Prints Apart?

At The Canvas Prints, we take pride in our commitment to excellence! We value our clients and provide you with top-tier photos on canvas, customised to your preferred styles and designs.

Our goal is to exceed your expectation and ensure a consistent fulfillment of your requirements. Our superior quality and proactive customer service cement our position as your go-to choice for personalised canvas prints.

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custom single canvas

Single Canvas Prints

Do you have a favourite photo you love to look at?

Do you have a few large walls that give a feeling of emptiness?

Then a larger than life canvas with your most favourite moment printed on it could be perfect for you! You can even create panoramic canvas prints

Give life to your walls by placing elegant images in the shape of a design canvas.

Remember, a photo is worth a thousand words! Humans have a deep connection with photos, which is why hanging them up on your walls as prints is never a bad idea.
Design Single Canvas

split canvas prints

Split Canvas Prints

Adjusting a large photo aesthetically on your wall is possible with the split of a single photo across multiple canvases. You can create many variations of the split canvas print.

Variation is the best source to get the best and unique style!

Choose wisely and give your wall a colourful personal look with our great valuable canvas photo printing and wrapping packages.

Each package offers a unique printing style with colour wrap, mirror wrapped canvas or gallery wrap; the choice is yours! You need to know that we will design your canvases to reflect your style and preference.
Design Split Canvas

wall display package of canvases

Wall display Canvas Prints

Do you have many favourite images and cannot choose between them? We have just the solution for you!

Why pick one when you can have them all incorporated into a single wall canvas.

Our multi-canvas wall design allows you to turn your wall into a gallery of your most cherished memories with the best quality in the UK.

You can also choose the sequence, size and numeric design of those photos. It will be your piece of art – with your favourite images as a medium. Our wall canvases are amazing at cheap rates!
Design Wall Package

Available at The Canvas Prints Only

Popular Canvas Styles
cheapest canvas prints online
cheap canvas printing uk
canvas pics
I’m unsure if my selected picture has the right resolution for canvas prints. Can you help?

Our team at The Canvas Prints would be happy to help! Just email your selected photo to along with your desired canvas print size. We will assess the resolution to determine if it's suitable for the dimension you prefer.

Can you enhance the picture if it’s low-resolution?

Yes, we have the necessary tools and skills to improve the quality of pictures before printing. However, we will provide a full refund if the image cannot be enhanced.

Can I get a custom size for my canvas print?

Certainly! We do provide the flexibility of custom sizes between 6 to 40 inches for your custom canvas. This way, you can ensure that your artwork fits perfectly within your desired space.

Will my canvas prints lose quality over time?

Low-quality printing on a canvas can often fade with time. However, at The Canvas Prints, we use premium printers and ink for the process. An option to laminate the canvas with a protective coating is also available with us. Just select the option for canvas coating during checkout.

Do the colours in the canvas print accurately match the original image?

Yes, our skilled professionals and advanced printing technology ensure that the colours retain their accuracy and vibrancy when transferred on canvas.

How do I choose the right photo for a canvas print?

We suggest choosing photos with high-resolution and clear details. Consider the colour theme, decor, and atmosphere of the space.

Is it possible to preview how my image will appear on canvas before I finalize my order?

You can preview the image after adding it to the cart to visualize how your image will appear on canvas. Once you upload your photo, you can make the necessary changes before placing your order (or email us if you need help) .

What sets your canvas printing service apart from competitors in the market?

Our canvas prints stand out due to the use of top-notch polyester of 320 gsm and advanced printing technology that ensures true-to-original reproduction.

You will also enjoy easy customisation and fast delivery times for a seamless ordering experience.

Do you offer any special finishes or effects for canvas prints, such as sepia or black and white?

Yes, we do offer special finishes and effects for canvas printing, including classic options like sepia. Select your desired option when you place your order at The Canvas Prints. Our user-friendly tool will provide a preview so you can analyse the outcome.

Can I have pictures from my mobile printed on a canvas?

Yes, high-quality mobile phone photos can definitely be printed on canvas.You can upload photos, place your order, and we will analyse their quality to ensure they are suitable for canvas printing.

What resolution is best for canvas prints?

For canvas prints, a resolution of at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) is recommended. This ensures clear and sharp image reproduction on the canvas material. Please check our image resolution checker to determine the results of your photos on canvas print.

What size canvas would look best for my pictures?

The ideal canvas size depends on your photo's resolution and the desired wall space. Generally, larger canvas sizes work well for higher-resolution images, while smaller sizes are suitable for lower-resolution pictures.

How should I care for and clean my canvas prints?

Caring for a canvas print is easy. On a regular basis, gently dust them with a soft, dry cloth to remove any surface dirt.

Avoid using water and harsh chemical to clean the canvas print. For more details, check out our detailed guide on how to clean your canvas print.

What type of canvas material and ink do you use?

Our canvas prints are crafted using a polyester fabric of 320 gsm, while long-lasting ink maintains the durability and vibrancy of the colours.

Can I order canvas prints in bulk for special occasions or events?

Definitely! We accommodate bulk orders for special occasions and events swiftly to ensure your canvas prints are ready to share with your loved ones timely.

You can also take advantage of our free delivery in the mainland UK for orders over £99.

What is the standard delivery time and rate for orders?

For customers in the mainland UK, your prints will arrive within three business days from the order placement date. If you're located in Northern Ireland, you can expect delivery within five business days of placing your order.

**We have a standard delivery fee of £3.99 per order.**

**Delivery is free for orders over £99.**

Do you provide international shipping options for canvas print orders?

Currently, our delivery service is limited to UK and Ireland. However, we are actively working on expanding our services to include international shipping in the near future.

How do I hang my photo canvas?

Our canvas prints are designed for easy hanging and come with a hanger and two nails.

The process is straightforward: attach the hanger to the back of your canvas and then hang it securely on your wall.

For additional techniques and more in-depth instructions, check out our guide on how to hang a canvas.

Can I hang my canvas outdoors?

Yes, you can hang your canvas print outdoors; however, taking some precautions is essential.

We strongly advise adding the canvas coating option to your cart during checkout.

This coating acts as a shield, safeguarding your canvas from water, moisture, and sunlight.

It makes your canvas waterproof, and scratch-proof, and provides UV protection for up to 100 years, ensuring your colours remain vibrant without fading.