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Bring Your Precious Photos to Life on Canvas

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Best Quality Canvas in the UKBest Quality Canvas in the UK
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quality canvas
We bring you the highest quality photo canvas.
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We guarantee the lowest prices in the UK!
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We provide our customers with a money-back guarantee.
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If you don't break your canvas, it will last you a lifetime.
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We provide free delivery to the mainland UK for orders over £99.
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We offer free image editing service to our clients!
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Our clients have a 100% satisfaction rate, and we aim to maintain it.
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Our customers have our support 24/7, and we are glad to assist them.

Canvas Print Style and Sizes

We offer a wide range of canvas prints designed to meet your custom requirements. You can explore some of them below
Single Photo On Canvas

Single Photo Canvas Print

You can choose any photo for us to print on canvas. No one does the job better than us.

You can make a large single photo canvas print the centre of focus in your interior.

Our Canvas Printing offers you the best for your photo canvases. Choose the size you want and order today.

Design Single Canvas

 Single Photo Across Multiple Canvas

Single Photo Across Multiple Canvas

With an exciting split canvas print, you can create eye-catching walls for your home.

You can exquisitely cover your large walls with photo canvas splits of various sizes.

Split your digital picture across multiple canvas prints now to create the ultimate decor statement.

Design Split Canvas

Canvas Wall Display Packages

Canvas Wall Display Packages

Create interesting wall display packages with your photos and images on canvases of different sizes.

You can choose the images you want, select sizes and order your personalized canvas print.

You can adorn your wall with pictures of your friends and family.

Design Package

Quality Canvas Prints

Give life to your walls by displaying beautiful images in the shape of a design canvas that will make you and your loved ones feel great.

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Best Price Canvases

The Canvas Prints offers its customers with the lowest prices. starting from £8.99 (Based on 6"x6" (15cmx15cm)).

Our affordable prices allow you to decorate your home without wasting money.

Canvas Quality and Printing

We offer the best quality canvases in a deal that is second to none. With premium quality of 320 gsm canvas and 100% cotton; there is a higher cotton density in making these canvas prints to ensure your wall art is one of a kind.

The canvases are built with special care to make sure that you buy only the best.

Vast Design Options of Canvases

You can easily create your canvases with our free image editing options. It will give you an idea of what your canvas will look like and helps in choosing what you need.

There is a large variety of sizes to choose from along with a wide range of colours and styles.

To make sure your wall décor is one of the best, we help you with the basic application of the design canvas.

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What is Special about canvases from The Canvas Prints?

We have maintained a high-quality standard in the UK that is second to none by offering our customers premium canvas prints in the styles and designs of their choice.

Meeting customer expectations is our main priority. We strive to ensure your needs, so you keep coming back to us for more canvases.

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custom single canvas

Single Canvas Prints

Do you have a favourite photo you love to look at?

Do you have a few large walls that give a feeling of emptiness?

Then a larger than life canvas with your most favourite moment printed on it could be perfect for you! You can even create panoramic canvas prints

Give life to your walls by placing elegant images in the shape of a design canvas.

Remember, a photo is worth a thousand words! Humans have a deep connection with photos, which is why hanging them up on your walls as prints is never a bad idea.
Design Single Canvas

split canvas prints

Split Canvas Prints

Adjusting a large photo aesthetically on your wall is possible with the split of a single photo across multiple canvases. You can create many variations of the split canvas print.

Variation is the best source to get the best and unique style!

Choose wisely and give your wall a colourful personal look with our great valuable canvas photo printing and wrapping packages.

Each package offers a unique printing style with colour wrap, mirror wrapped canvas or gallery wrap; the choice is yours! You need to know that we will design your canvases to reflect your style and preference.
Design Split Canvas

wall display package of canvases

Wall display Canvas Prints

Do you have many favourite images and cannot choose between them? We have just the solution for you!

Why pick one when you can have them all incorporated into a single wall canvas.

Our multi-canvas wall design allows you to turn your wall into a gallery of your most cherished memories with the best quality in the UK.

You can also choose the sequence, size and numeric design of those photos. It will be your piece of art – with your favourite images as a medium. Our wall canvases are amazing at cheap rates!
Design Wall Package

Available at The Canvas Prints Only

Popular Canvas Styles
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Are canvas prints worth it?

Canvas is a long-lasting material with a glare-free surface. Any issues with a picture can be fixed with the help of computer software.

The wood used for frames is kiln dried and can last for decades as well. The flexibility to print anything along with the other benefits most certainly make canvas print worth it.

Do pictures look good on canvas?

Pictures look great on a canvas as long as you keep a few basics in mind.

Firstly, find the right-sized canvas. Please do not use a large canvas for a low-resolution image as it will print in low quality.

Also, use a proper scanner for scanning images; the cell phone ones aren’t the best. Lastly, the quality of the printer should also be top-notch for the best results.

Do Canvas prints fade?

Canvas prints can fade away with time. However, there are ways in which the images can be protected.

To begin with, use high-quality canvas with a good quality printer such as The Canvas Prints.

Once the printing is done, you can add a protective coating such as giclee gloss. These steps should help maintain the quality of the prints.

How long do Canvas prints last?

Many factors determine the life of a canvas print. These include high-quality canvas and suitable quality printers for printing.

At the same time, if you apply a protective coating to the prints, they last longer.

Keeping your canvas prints clean and ensuring that they are not directly in the path of UV light also helps in adding life to the print.

The best quality canvas prints can last up to 75 years.

Can you make a canvas print from a photo?

You can most certainly convert a photo into a canvas print with ease.

You need to have a digital copy of the picture, which can be used to print.

If you do not have a digital copy, you can have your photo scanned on location. Once done, the picture can be printed onto the canvas.

What looks better, canvas or print?

Both of them look great after printing.

Canvas prints are lighter, do not produce glare, and are relatively cheap. A high-quality printing job counters any natural texture the canvas may have.

Paper prints can be framed with the more traditional frames and look great and smooth but produce glare and are at a greater risk of damage.

Why are canvas prints so expensive?

Canvas prints are reasonably economical in general. However, they can be expensive if one wants a larger canvas print on the finest materials.

The high-quality printers using multiple colors for a picture also add significantly to the cost.

Can you hang an unframed canvas?

It is ideal to have a canvas on a frame, but it can survive without one. A lot of the art is actually without proper frames.

The canvas must be light for this purpose. A couple of nails can be used to hang it on the wall.

Some people even use glue and tape successfully for the same purpose.

Which is better, giclee or canvas??

They’re similar in terms of being canvas prints. However, giclee can cost as much as three times compared to a traditional canvas.

It uses higher quality canvas, the printing process and inks used are also better. Some companies offer a top coat of giclee as well to lower the overall cost.

A regular canvas print can last for about 20 years without much fading, and giclee may stay good for a hundred years.

Do black and white photos look good on canvas?

Black and White photos look fantastic on a canvas. The right picture must be selected for the given environment.

Black and white photos usually look good in a formal setting with darker-colored décor. The image ideally should be spread over multiple canvases to create a great impression.

How do you put old photos on canvas?

It is a straightforward task as the picture is scanned and a digital copy is prepared. If the photo has any issues such as damage or color fading, filters may correct these issues.

Once done, the picture can be printed on a canvas like any other picture. You can even get centuries-old images moved onto a canvas.

Why does my canvas photo look blurry?

Several factors can cause a picture to be blurry. The photographs may be grainy because of low light or issues with image processing.

It can also be blurry due to poor focus or motion blur. Photos can be enhanced to offer better quality through professional software before printing to get better results.

How do I choose a photo for a canvas??

You can pick any picture that you like to print. However, it is ideal to select a high-resolution image since those print better.

Photos on social media like Facebook or Instagram may be downgraded and may not be perfect.

You can choose pictures from the phone but be sure to select high-quality ones. Be sure to pick an appropriately sized canvas for the photo you print as well.

What resolution is best for canvas prints?

There is no set rule for the resolution, but quite obviously, lower resolution leads to smaller canvases.

If you’re looking for a larger canvas, the resolution should be higher. Please check our image resolution checker

How do you keep canvas prints clean?

Some basic practices help you clean the canvases. For starters, light dusting now and again works.

Secondly, do not try chemical-based cleaners since they damage the surface of the canvas.

Also, try to hang the canvas in a place with good air circulation and low humidity.

How can I protect my canvas photos?

Start with placing canvases at spots that do not receive direct sunlight.

The areas should be semi-brightly lit. The airflow should be good, and there should ideally be no humidity.

Avoid touching the canvas by hand and regularly dust them. The photos should be fine for a long time.

Will a canvas print get ruined in a bathroom?

Molding can occur on canvases placed in the washrooms due to high levels of humidity and constant changes in temperature.

However, there are ways to counter the problem. Metals frames can help reduce the moisture problem. Similarly, metal printing helps avoid molding.

The best-case scenario is to prevent irreplaceable items in the washroom and otherwise take necessary precautions.

How do I stop my pictures from fading?

There are some basic steps to stop photos from fading. To begin with, place them away from direct sunlight.

They should be placed in an area with low humidity and low temperature. They should be in a room with good airflow but not very close to air ducts.

When possible, putting them away in the packaging in a dry place can also add to their life.

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