10 photos every parent must get of their child

Everyone knows how quickly children grow up. From a tiny neonate, to an infant, to a toddler going to school and then growing and changing every coming year till the time they are no more under the feathers of their parents and are ready to fly away and face life on their own. It’s the wish of every mother and father to capture those amazing but quickly flying moments and relate back to them in future to enjoy and relive them.

The best way to capture and make those precious memories live for years to come, is to capture them through photographs and get them printed on large canvas. Whether you want to do it yourself or you want to hire a professional photographer, a few tricks and ideas given in this article will help you identify the best moments and styles for capturing.

When taking photographs of kids all you need to assure is that the child feels comfortable and is not tired or upset in the current scenario. Different props can be the best way of engaging a child in the photo shoot and taking their photographs while they are busy.

The New-born Photo

New-borns are absolutely adorable so don’t miss the chance of capturing those chubby little cheeks, soft hands and teeny tiny toes before they grow big.


Image Credit bumpsbabesandbeyond.com

Whether you are going to hire a photographer or planning to take photographs yourself, remember the fact that taking good pictures of the new-borns is never an easy task and requires a lot of patience. Creating a pose for a photograph can be quite difficult as these bundles of joy have a very little strength at this age for posing. This lack of strength, unpredictable moods, out of routine meal times are all the hurdles in the way of a smooth photograph. Not to forget the total neglect you will face from them when it will come to following your directions Frown

The Creative Magic Photo

Your kids, when they grow up, and your friends would love to see this fun photo-shoot for years to come. All you need is to get creative after getting an inspiration from this famous photo shoot by Stuart. You can make this photo shoot simpler by creating all the photographs once the baby is delivered. With a few good Photoshop tricks you will be able to create an amazing series of photos with your child like this.

creative magic photo

As Stuart says on the Huffington Post ‘His wife's expressions are what make the trick’, so Mummies! It’s time to get a little creative and create these fun poses with your child and enjoy these lovely memories for years to come.

Like Mummy like Daughter/ Like daddy like son Photographs

A lovely photograph idea is to dress your child up like yourself or create some other similarity with the child and then get photographed along the child. This photograph will be so much fun for the child to cherish for years and will bring a smile to everybody’s face along with a great chance of getting viral on internet as people love to share such things. 

For daddies different ideas for getting photographed like this with the child can be by dressing up like cowboys, wearing same style and print of sport shirts, sleeping in the same pose or making faces like each other.

steph anderson & Eric Thiele

First image from Eric Thiele , second image from steph anderson photography

Ideas for mummies can be to wear the same dress as the child; both dressed up like princesses, exercise alike or hold the same style handbag along with similar sunglasses and hair. 

Kids in Nature

Nature, pure and simple like kids, can be the best back drop for kid’s photography. You can create any pose or even capture them while playing around in nature. 

kids in nature

You can take photographs by letting them pose with flowers or being naughty while playing and running around the fields. Nature helps us to magnify the innocence of the child in a photograph as it is as pure and simple as the child is. 

Siblings/Friends Together

Siblings Friends together

Capture the best days in your child’s life along with their siblings or friends. This will help the kids to always relate and get back to the bond of love they share with each other. You can go for many creative and fun ideas in this photograph. Posing like standing in order of ages, lying on the floor forming a circle or playing together in a garden can be a few ideas.

Catch Action on Trampoline

Catch your kids having fun on a trampoline. Catch the real action while they are still in the air and enjoying every moment of it. 

kids in action on trampoline

Image by marcib photography

Make sure that the trampoline is safe and has safety net around it in case the kids are small as they can lose balance while concentrating on giving you a good pose for the shot.

Kids with Pets/Animals

kid with pet dog

With nature as backdrop, let your child show his/her love for their pet and capture that love in the camera. This pose will show the love and innocence in your child’s eyes and will be enjoyed for years to come. 

Sibling Photos with a Twist

Sibling Photos with a Twist

Image by jay's photography

Sibling photos can be so much fun. You can capture their love as well as their timely emotions in a funny way as in the picture idea above. You can write anything from your own idea in the message boards or you can also use props to describe a funny situation.

Birthday Party Pictures

kid birthday picture

Image by darincroftonphotography.com

Kids posing on their birthday events can be the best photographs for them to cherish later. First birthday especially has a lot of significance in this regard. Let your kid pose with a cap on head and eating birthday cake in front. A colourful backdrop with the child eating the cake naturally (without any prim proper or neat effect) can be the best pose for a photograph. 

‘When I Grow up’ Photos

when i grow up photos

Image by mysocalledchaos.com

One of the best photograph poses and background to help a child keep their dreams alive. The statement written might change every year but can be a great collection if recorded at every stage, age or changing grade of school. Kids would love to relate to these images and they can even prove to be inspirational at some points in life.

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