101 DIY Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

Decorating your home can cost a pretty penny. Besides furniture and other large items that are more or less practical and necessary, there’s this wide array of details that turn a house into a home, or an apartment into your own cosy little nest.

One has to keep quite a few things in mind when decorating his space. The first one has to be his location, as there are unique concepts of interior designs adopted by different countries.

But there’s also ways in which you can save on costs while exploring your creative side and maximizing your handicraft skills.

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or looking to redecorate a bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway, or any other space, I’ve selected 101 of the best ideas for DIY wall art for you to use as inspiration.

Ranging from simple to effective, from complicate to exquisite, these DIY wall art ideas are all something you can do at home with minimal investments. In fact, I can see a number of advantages to this, one of them being the positive and relaxing effects of taking on a little project at home.

The satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own hands is palpable, and then you get to admire your work every day. It also allows you to bring your own vision into the space you inhabit, which intensifies that homey feeling we all look forward to at the end of the day.

Without further ado, here’s the biggest inspiration you’ll find online for wall art ideas you can do yourself:

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DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms Backdrop

This is a lovely little project, and it’s so easy to make I couldn’t help myself and tried one as soon as I stumbled onto the project. Making pom poms out of colored tissues is so simple and fun!

I found this neat idea on The Little Occasion, and I wanted to showcase it here because I absolutely adored the green shades used, the various placement ideas, and integration with the other elements in the room.

DIY Popsicle Hexagon Shelf

Another often overlooked element of wall decoration is the shelf. But you can get even more creative than simply hanging shelves on the walls and create your own hexagon-shaped shelves.

It could take quite a lot of popsicles to finish this project, but creating a hive-like cluster can create an impactful decorative piece. You can check out more details about applying this idea from the Make & Do Crew.

DIY Rustic Wall Ruler

If you had parents like mine, you remember those years during your childhood when they used to measure how tall you grew all the time. They made those little scratches or marks on the wall or door frame.

You can recreate that idea by making your own salvaged wood wall ruler, and all the steps are here at HomeTalk. What a lovely idea, and how well it looks!

Button Framed Wreaths

As I was saying earlier, buttons are great elements to use for all sorts of crafts. So I wanted to share one such DIY wall art idea with you, like these button-made framed wreaths that I found on The Wreath Blog.

The themes used here are autumn and winter holidays, but you don’t need a special event to create your own button art. You can use them to create more abstract shapes, or just combining favorite color combinations.

DIY Mirror Messages

Now this is really something unique! This simple, yet highly effective project comes to us from Scissors and Sage as a lovely DIY bathroom decorating idea, but it’s definitely suitable for any type of space in your home.

It can also depend on the kind of message you want to display. But before you decide, take a look at how Victoria created this great project with mirror messages.

DIY Faux Shell Wall Hanging

You can create a dreamy and euphoric decor very easily if you’re looking for a fairy tale ambiance in a room. This piece lends itself well to shabby chic or sea cabin decorative styles. Wax paper is what Persia Lou used here, together with some crayons to add that shell shimmer to the pieces. You can use a ready-made frame, or create one following her instructions.

Mossy Wall Art

You can also add a touch of nature to your walls without actually using plants. This moss imitation wall art brings a bit of Zen in your life.

It uses a simple process of styrofoam, faux moss sheets, and some glue. The entire process, presented by Crafts’nCoffee, is as straughforward as it gets, but the result is mesmerizing.

DIY Wood Slice Art

This far in the post (we’re almost halfway there, folks, and I’m sure you’ve already got your favourites), you’ve already seen the great decorative power of wood, and branches specifically.

But besides branches, you can also use thin log sections, as seen in the project below, made by Mountain Modern Life. The paint idea is simply marvellous and refreshing, and quite easy to achieve with a ruler, pencil, and some acrylic paint.

DIY CDs Wall Art

It’s hard to imagine that something so gorgeous could come out of something so mundane as CDs. And it’s all owed to a simple secret - acrylic paint.

In this wonderful project from iCreativeIdeas, you can find out how to make these decorative CDs by covering them in acrylic paint, drawing your preferred design over them with a pencil and then scraping it off with a pen tip. Of course, black acrylic makes for the most striking and contrasting effect, but other dark colors can work as well.

DIY Fabric Lights Garland

You can create a lot of lovely styles if you use lights, like this fabric garland. It looks dreamy and fairy-tale inspired.

Think of using it as a marquee above the bed, or instead of a bed post - it can serve as a great environment light. Or you can think of a project that works for the living room.

Fired Ink Art

Fired Ink Art

This is a lovely way of creating watercolor paintings that look professional. They’re so easy to make even your kids can help out! Check out "Its Always Autumn", the source of this lovely project, to get the details of everything you need and the steps to achieving these lovely effects. Truly a striking decor detail that can match any corner of your home.

Heart Wall Lamp

This neat little heart wall lamp will definitely add a bit of romance to your bedroom. You can use it as inspiration to create other shapes and symbols as well, or make a series and display it in the living room.

It looks just as lovely during daytime and in the evenings when you turn on the lights. Find out more about the process from Paper, Plate, and Plane and get ready to work your craft.

Pop Art Pet Portrait

Isn’t it nice to surround yourself by images of your loved ones? Pets are often among the beings we cherish most, and they also make for lovely photo subjects. To make their portraits even more exquisite, you can make a pop art, Warhol-inspired portrait, and you can find all about the simple process at A Beautiful Mess.

It really is a lot easier than you can even imagine, and you probably already have some great pictures of your pet!

DIY Paper Wall Art

Paper crafts are always fun, and even kids can do the simpler ones. You can achieve great decorative effects with paper, colored or otherwise. This plant-inspired paper wall art really lights up the creativity, and provides such a striking atmosphere.

It’s really intriguing to look at, and manages to add a touch of elegance to the decor. The Oh Oh Blog details the process - arm yourself with colored paper, glue, cutters, and a lot of patience!

Bandana Wall Art

Just about anything can turn into a great wall decoration as long as you have the particular space you’re trying to decorate in mind. And this bandana wall decoration project by Blitsy Crafts proves it.

The bold color choice for the bandanas, against the simple and elegant light grey background is a great combination. The art makes the setting pop and creates an inviting atmosphere.

Tissue Paper Art

If you’re looking to create something colorful and cheerful, you can try the “paintless” approach taken here by Lisa Storms at Fiskars, and use colored tissue paper.

Her neat idea is to use the paint in the tissues themselves and temporarily adding them to a wet canvas to transfer color. You can also cut up your tissues in random or symmetrical geometrical shapes, not just the hexagons features here. 

DIY Mosaic Mirror

You can use mosaic pieces to decorate or revamp almost anything, but I like this idea of redecorating mirror frames with it. I can even see this done on larger mirrors, or a collection of them tastefully hanging on a wall.

To learn how to make one yourself, try this project by Lois Frances. Give one a go, and perhaps you’ll do more!

Salvaged Wood Art Decoration

A striking and powerful piece, this wood art decoration by Salvaged Love uses daring color combinations to add contrast to an otherwise simple and cozy decor. I love how it hangs above the grey couch, and both pieces really do support each other.

This is a more intermediate level project because it seems to take more time to finish, otherwise the project looks like a lot of fun.

Paper Roll Art

Sometimes, the best artworks come from the most surprising combinations. This DIY paper roll art piece is made from a wood frame, wire fence, and colored paper.

Once you’ve got the frame together, finishing up the piece is easy peasy. In the end, you’ve got yourself a very modern, minimalist, yet striking decorative piece that can become a focal point in your living room. You can find more details about how it’s made on Sugar and Cloth.

DIY Shutter Nightstand

Since we’re on the subject of shabby chic makeovers, i also want to show you my favorite project, definitely on my to-do list: the shutter nightstand.

I like shutters in general, especially reconditioned ones like this one, since they make great wall decorators in general, even without turning them into something functional like the nightstand. However, I like what The Ragged Wren did with this one!

Paint Pen Geometric Wall Art

A more time-consuming project, I still wanted to add this one because the effect is so strong for so little work. You do have to be very serious about measurements and work with lots of care, but the result is worth it. Practice beforehand.

Then, using special paint pens, you can create your own wall patterns, or try this one, explained by A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Oxidized Copper Painting

Creating an impactful piece of art for your living room wall isn’t difficult at all - as many examples from this list have proven so far. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of imagination, some idea to spark your creativity.

That’s just how it is with this spectacular oxidized copper painting - it actually imitated copper painting by clever use of metallic acrylics.

Minimalist Wreath Wall Art

You can craft and display wreaths all throughout the year. But instead of crating traditional holiday ones, try making them from plants and branches.

You can change them more often, or make them from dried plants that keep their form.

Rope Ladder Shelves

This is a neat little idea from Espacio Hogar. You can use it by reconditioning planks, reusing drawer planks, or using ready-made shelves.

You need a drill, and some sturdy, but good-looking rope like this one. Tie knots under each board to keep them levelled. 

Faux Denim Wall Paint

Another approach to redecorating your walls to create statement is repainting them. You can create something truly daring by taking on this faux denim paint project.

It’s easier than you looks, since the whole effect is achieved using glaze and a weaver brush. The Heathered Nest even adds a video to showcase the technique. 

Yarn Wrapped Letter

As simple as this is, it’s beautifully executed on this project from Catch My Party. You can create messages or monograms, and hang them on the wall or lean them against the wall on a nightstand, on a windowsill, or in front of a mirror.

And you can possibly find all the materials you need around the house already.

DIY Mason Jar Sconce

Oh, this is such a lovely concept! Adding plants and flowers to your interior decor can really liven up a room, whether you’re decorating a hallway, a living room, or bathroom. I love the use of mason jars here, and the flower color choice by Shelterness.

I can even think of ways to make this a more low-maintenance DIY wall art project by adding dried flowers, or by potting spices like basil, thyme, and others, and decorating the kitchen.

Vintage Suitcase Shelves

Oh… my. These suitcase shelves look so adorable I can hardly contain myself! I would definitely try these out for the living room. Getting a hold of all those suitcases might take a while, but it’s definitely not a costly investment, and Apartment Therapy has all the steps it takes to complete.

I love the different colours and sizes used, and the overall vintage decor. The wonderful idea belongs to Ki Nassauer.

Salvaged Window Wall Decor

This interesting piece I found over at Idea Stand is so adorable and romantic. It’s really intriguing what accents you can create with salvaged materials like this rounded window.

The added wreaths and dream catchers make for a lovely combination. You can think of embellishing it with whatever the window you find inspires.

Gold-dipped Feather Mobile

Some ideas are stunning through their simplicity. That’s also the case with this dreamy feather mobile that uses a straightforward model: dip some feathers into gold paint and glitter, and attach with golden string to a vintage pants hanger.

This idea by You Are My Fave is yet another project that lends itself to interpretation, and which you can adapt so easily on the materials at your disposal.

DIY Embroidered Canvas Wall Art

Persia Lou really has a knack when it comes to simple, yet effective DIY wall art ideas that anyone can try. Here is a simple embroidered canvas project that requires minimal skills and some colored string.

I like this type of scalable DIY project that you can make as large or as small as you like, and which can also look good in a series if you’re looking to create something unique for your home. The effect is simply stunning.

DIY Feather Duster Wall Art

Sometimes, making a great painting is all about the materials you use. And there are a lot of opportunities for amateurs to create professional and sleek-looking paintings. A great example is the feather duster painting I found at Brittany Goldwyn.

This simple method of using a feather duster to apply paint on canvas is delightfully surprising, and fun to do, I imagine. I love how it’s used here as main decorative piece above the bed.

DIY Cork Art

Cork is a relaxing, organic material that’s fun to use, and which doesn’t require too much design effort on your part. This characteristic is perfectly exemplified in this piece by Project Rowhouse. The only difficulty I see is gathering all the corks, and you can read all about Jon’s, the designer, adventure of getting them.

Of course you could order them in bulk, but then they wouldn’t have the same mixed look effect. Read Jon’s instructions on applying the glossy polyurethane carefully!

Doily Dream Catcher

The surprising, yet perfect combination of doilies with the dream catcher motif for this project here is really worthwhile trying. The process itself is very simple, but the result is gorgeous.

Another option, as you’ll see in this project I found at The Woot, is to use lace instead of doilies, or mix them up to create a larger wall art like the one in the picture below.

Big Wall Buttons

Buttons are a great material for making your own decorations, and they’re generally purposeful for a variety of DIY projects. But this surprising project here takes the image of buttons to a wider scale, making them out of plates and using them as wall decoration.

The theme itself is suitable for both kitchens and living rooms, but in the end it all depends on the color of the plates, or how you choose to paint them!

DIY 3D Geometric Wall Art

You’ve already seen how versatile wood is, and how well it works for DIY projects - both in functionality and decoration.This 3D geometric wall art is cheerful and really brightens up that light grey wall.

You can find the full steps of this project at Curbly, and although it takes more time to complete to allow the paint to dry, it’s fun to make and really sparks up your creative side.

DIY Japanese Motif Stamp

Another great idea for decorating your walls is by creating abstract canvases, such as this Japanese motif created by La Fabutineuse. Instead of investing in new wall decoration, you can make your own stamps out of soap, which is easily carved. Design your stamp (choose a simple geometric model), carve it, dip it into paint, and apply on your canvas.

You can use special painting paper too, or whatever suitable material you can find.

Seashell Wall Art

You probably already have some seashells gathered from your vacations, but you never get to display them. You can use this model from Natasha Burns as inspiration, and check out how she used the shells to make a lovely little painting.

This sort of idea works great when you’ve got a number of unextraordinary shells, and just a handful spectacular ones. I also like how she used coarse sand to bring it all together, and fake pearls to give it a magical look.

DIY Retro Diamond Focal Wall

This is another DIY wall art project that’s about painting directly on your wall, which is precisely what makes it so easy to do. You don’t need to worry about framing it, just about choosing the right spot, the right colors, and making the right measurements.

It can look good over a workstation, a fireplace, or as a standalone piece if you decide to paint several diamonds. The process is perfectly explained by Vintage Revivals, and I love the choice of color for this particular project.

DIY Popsicle Stick Wall Decoration

If you’ve ever done arts and crafts in school, you’ve worked with popsicle sticks before. They’re easy and fun to use, and you can create lots of great decorations with them. Here, I’ve found this lovely, romantic geometric heart piece by Make & Do Crew.

The choice of colors is very fortunate and this particular piece is ideal for a nursery.

Home Sweet Home String Art

String art is another simple, yet wonderful DIY wall art idea that anyone can put to practice. I’ve chosen this “home sweet home” project from Infarrantly Creative because it details the making-of process really well, but you can use it to spell out any message dear to you, or to create abstract shapes, symbols, or whatever you like.

DIY Broken Chair Wall Art

Okay, so I found this on an interior design blog (Fantastic Frank), but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Just look at how amazing it looks, a real piece of art. All it takes is a broken chair you weren’t using anymore. Remove any padding, and the two front legs, and paint it in a bold color like this white, or black - depending on how the room is decorated.

Even pastel colors can work in the right setting. I think in this case, the chair even had rubber footing to prevent it from slipping. 

Hexagon Wall Art

I am amazed by how well this hexagon wall art made by Tara Dennis looks. It’s very easy to make, and the finished product is professional, even luxurious-like. You can add a touch of elegance to your living room.

The tougher part might be finding all the materials, like the hexagon paper punch and the glitter cards. Tip: you can also make your own glitter cards using cardboard and glitter spray.

DIY Repurposed Drawer Shelves

This is another superb idea that can cost you nothing if you already have the drawers. Perhaps there’s some cabinet you’ve been wanting to get rid of but couldn’t figure out what to do with it until now.

Well, you can repaint and repurpose the drawers as shelves, and hang them on the wall. LittlePieceOfMe shows you a few examples and some great tips on how to make them yourself.

Push Pin Letter Art

Found at Amazing Interior Design, this push pin wall art idea is a neat way to create your own decoration. You can write messages, like showcased here, or try making other shapes like animals, symbols, or portraits.

The work below is signed Jessica Hische, and it’s the perfect example of how amazing this kind of DIY craft can look. 

DIY Doily Backdrop

If you’re looking for a DIY wall art idea that’s more on the shabby chic, romantic side, the doily backdrop idea is a unique, fun, and easy to do project inspired by Ruffled Blog.

The process is similar with that of cast making, except this one uses all purpose flour, water, and grandma’s doilies. What we used to hate as teenagers now becomes lovely art in crafty hands!

DIY Elegant Rustic Shelves

This interesting decorative shelves piece is made from simple wood beams. You can find the materials at any home construction store, as well as the other materials for hanging, as explained on Hometalk.

You can also sandpaper and varnish the beams to intensify the wood’s color and protect it. They’d look good even without the decorative statues on them!

Paint Drip Wall Art

This is a gorgeous piece that anyone can make. The black and white combination looks gorgeous, but what’s truly stunning here is the setting. Choosing to display this piece on a black wall backdrop creates a very intense effect, adding elegance to an otherwise lovely dining room.

You can learn all the steps to achieving this effect from The Shabby Creek Cottage, it’s quite an easy process and a great idea if you’ve got leftover paint from your walls.

DIY Canvas Wall Art

If you really like using paints, you can try recreating these canvas paintings that require minimal work of you, and almost no talent. And if you’ve got talent too, all the better.

I love the adorable grey shade used for these canvas prints made with acrylic paint, but most of all, the circular pattern made from simple brush strokes. Find out all about the process on homedit.

Watercolor on Wood

This charming little piece from Blitsy is a great addition for the kitchen, especially with the cute message. You can easily recreate this, and add any fun message that inspires you.

Using just a horizontal log section, preferably smoothened, and some watercolors. You can even let the kids make their own wall art!

Glue Canvas Art

Sometimes, it takes very little to achieve a lot. Like this simple and kind of romantic wall art made with just glue on canvas. DIY Candy used their own drawing over canvas to trace the lines before applying the glue, but if you’re not a skilled drawer, you can print a stencil, or just create simpler, geometrical shapes that you can make with a simple ruler.

I can see this looking perfectly over a kitchen table, or in a beach house living room.

DIY Gold Chevron Painting

I really like this painting made by Jess Lively. It’s actually a series of three paintings that she used to decorate a dining room.

You can follow her instructions using painter’s tape and metallic acrylic paint. It’s got a nice, simple symmetry to it, and yet it looks so unique. The chevrons draw attention and invite to the table.

DIY Sponge Wall Paint

You’ve already seen how repainting a room is one of the best solutions to decorating them. Often it’s enough to have a single wall accent in the room.

You can use the sponge wall paint technique technique, which you can learn from This Old House, and think of a few color combinations that would match, or skillfully contrast the other walls and the furniture in the room. 

DIY Polka Dots Nursery Wall

It’s really easy to liven up a room by adding polka dots on the walls. Ideally, this means you don’t even have to repaint the entire room, just renew its look by painting polka dots. It looks like a very neat idea to redecorate a nursery.

The Lil House That Could has a very nice tutorial showing you how to do it and keep the polka dots well spaced. They’ve used it for a closet space, and it’s adorable!

DIY Chalkboard Decoration

I can already imagine how lovely this would look in my kitchen, hanging on the wall next to the table.

You can use this Seamless Days tutorial to make your own chalkboard, and either use it as a calendar, as a to-do list, or as a daily spark for your creative drawing skills! This project uses canvas and black paint

Spray Paint Flower Art

You can easily create entire series of this paint project, and never come up with an identical painting! It uses real flowers, plants and leaves, and spray paint.

You can combine several colors per setting, or use a single color like simply real moms shows here. You don’t even have to harm real plants. In fact, using fake ones yields much better results.

Circle Punch Art

Yet another wonderful project that you can take up with the kids. Everyone will have fun punching colorful cards, and matching them  - you can even take turns and make it into a game.

In this particular project, Merrilee from mermag used patterned and textured papers, but you can also use fabrics. Just make sure to use the right type of glue, and the results will look just as great!

Tree Branch Art Piece

A large part of DIY projects out there are made from repurposed materials, and tree branches make for very effective material. Tree branches are extremely easy to come by, and have an undeniable aesthetic appeal.

They help you create organic wall decorative pieces, like this heart hanging art. I love the use of pink nuance gradation paint for this piece, but I can also think of clean, sandpapered branches that show their natural wooden colors. Thank you, Shades of Blue, for sharing this lovely DIY wall art project!

Bedpost Wall Decoration

Liz Marie has created the most wonderful makeover for a former lower level office and turned it into a lovely rustic guest bedroom.

Although the room looks a bit cluttered, the elements are nicely pieced together, and I really liked the idea of using bed posts as wall decorations. Here, she found some lovely natural wood posts.

Paper Rolls Wall Art

Yes, it’s made from toilet paper rolls. So what? You definitely have the supplies around the house. Paper rolls yield remarkably surprising results, especially the way they’re done in this project from Instructables.

Create wings or flowers, and give them a more finished look by spray painting them. The leaf-like patterns in this picture are gorgeous.

Painted Wooden Letter Panels

This project is really easy to make. You can use any letters you have or make - such as fridge letter magnets.

Glue them to your boards to form a message, or just randomly, and spray paint over them to create a finished look. Originally found at Welke.

Canvas Doily Wall Art

You’ve already seen numerous examples of how canvas and doilies are amazing DIY art elements. And now you can bring them together to create chic and romantic pieces for the bedroom walls.

Notice how real branches were used in this project by Crafts Unleashed, to add a natural feel to the piece. I like the pastel toned canvas used as backdrop.

Scrapbook Paper Art

We’ve already seen how you can make wall art pieces using fabric or wrapping paper, but you can also use scrapbook paper. It’s a great choice because you can find a wider array of colors, patterns, and textures, like the vintage choices made here by Nomadic Decorator.

The nine symmetrical canvases fit well together and create a professional, finished look overall.

DIY Wood Stars

If you’re good at wood crafts, you can definitely take on this simple and little project. These wood star decorations have a great look on the wall.

They’re an easy decoration that looks great in all sorts of space, and are a non-intrusive way of adding personality to a wall. You can find out all the steps to making them at That’s My Letter.

DIY Photo Clipboards

The idea of hanging clipboards on the walls and attaching photos or illustrations on them is absolutely amazing. But it looks even more impressive if you make your own clipboards, as proven by this lovely project from Love Grows Wild.

It’s a very simple concept, but has such an interesting effect!

Tiles Wall Art

Adding bold patterned tiles to your bathroom can really turn it into a really attractive space, like this idea from Archi Portale that perfectly showcases what can be achieved.

You can either do it like this project, which only uses tiles in the wash areas, or add them among other regular tiles. To create a unique look, look for salvaged pieces at flea markets.

DIY Fabric Wall Art Collection

If you’re a fan of lively patterns and colors, you might be excited at the thought of creating something like this fabric wall art. It’s big and daring, colorful, and very simple to make! You can also consider adapting the idea.

Choose fabric patterns and colors you like, and decide on a project scale that suits the space you want to fill. You can even use wrapping paper instead of fabric!

Confetti Letter Wall Art

You can also use confetti to add color and charm to a room. This confetti letter art piece is great for a bedroom, and cutting up the letter can be done using a printed stencil and cardboard. You can play around with your choice of color, or adapt to match an existing palette in your home.

But if you want to create something more minimalist, you can simply apply the confetti in grading colors on framed canvas, or use the ol’ infallible method: black and white. Thanks, Homemade Ginger, for the lovely idea!

Circle Paintings + Floating Frame

This piece is very easy to make, and features some lovely pastel colors that can really light up a room and add a bit of vibrancy to your decor. But as I’ve been saying, you can also go with what you find in your craft kit, or with your own creativity.

Choose another set of color if you will, and recreate this painting created by ArtBar.

DIY Paper Heart Wall Art

This is a lovely DIY wall art idea, well suited for a teenager’s bedroom, and which can be realized by people of all ages. You can even use colored post-its if you don’t have colored paper, and the rest you’ll find laying around the house: glue, string, scissors, and wooden plank (you can even use a branch!).

Honey Bee Vintage explains us all about how she came to do this project, providing steps for the perfect result.

Paint Chip Abstract Art

As usual, ombre style designs are wonderful and timeless. Painting them yourself may take too much time, but you can create an even more successful effect with paint chips.

This project I found o Elementary Home uses a herringbone pattern which is easy to measure for and execute, and offers some lovely color choices. Check it out for more ideas on execution and different style patterns!

DIY Coloured Pebble Painting

You can create a wide variety of artsy paintings using just acrylic and canvas or paper. But sometimes it takes the right inspiration to know just what to make, like this colored pebble painting created by Oh Everything Handmade. It really doesn’t take much figuring out, and it’s the kind of piece that strikes conversations.

Textured Wall Art

Working with paint is always fun, and after a while you really get the hang of it. A fun project to do with painting your own wall art is this textured painting tutorial from Happy Together By Jess, which cleverly uses modeling paste to add depth to her work.

Use few, simple color combinations if you want to make sure it comes out tasteful, like she did here by matching blues and greens.

DIY Colorful Magazine Strips Art

It really takes no skill to recreate this cheerful magazine strips art. The materials are very easy to procure, you probably have them around the house already, and the finished product is an ideal addition to a children’s room, or even to an eclectic living room decor.

It is so easy in fact, you can double it as an arts and crafts project for your kids, and you can see the entire project on I Love Decoration.

DIY Paper Flowers Art

You might think that making paper flowers is a teenage’s craft hobby at the most, but as Lisa proves in this project on her blog Grey Luster Girl, it can actually turn into a splendid statement piece of art for the living room.

The secret lies in the choice of colors and thoughtful arrangement, as you’ll see explained in the project.

DIY Rothko-Inspired Paintings

Could there be a better way of decorating your walls with art by the master painters? Yes - making your own copies, or rather inspired art, like these great Rothko-inspired pieces created here by Dans Le Lakehouse. Check out the source to get all the steps to recreate these lovely paintings.

Hanging Instagram Wall Display

If you love taking pictures of you and your friends, family, of the places you travel to, you have to showcase them. Trouble is, we often don’t know how to piece things together.

In this situation, creating one piece out of multiple photographs is the best solution, like this Instagram Wall Display made by Michelle Sexton from So Here’s My Life. It’s super simple, and super cute!

Fluid Abstract Paintings

Here is another wonderful example of how you can create your own abstract art and hang it on your walls. It’s simply exciting to find DIY projects that are so easy to do, but which offer such stunning results!

Originally made by Elegantly Untamed, these exquisite, psychedelic-looking paintings are made with acrylics on paper.

Feathered Collage

Working with feathers is also fun and easy. It allows you to create dreamy works of art for the bedroom. I love decor8’s project because they painted their own feathers instead of using ready-coloured ones, thus adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

You can do the same, thus allowing you to add a personal touch to the piece and pick the colours that suit you.

Vintage Leather Board Art

This piece is so simple, yet so exquisite in its vintage, sturdy look. I find it harder to recreate as is, but it’s a wonderful inspiration. You can create a more colorful replica, using other pieces of leather you have or find, such as belt buckles, old purses and wallets.

Bring the pieces together by forming other shapes on the wooden board - which you can also paint in different colors. You can find out more about this project on Useful DIY Projects.

DIY Wall Art with Framed Fabric

We’ve seen this idea of using fabric as wall art decoration before, but it’s worth noticing this framed version as well. Here, the project takes on a more elegant approach.

The golden bamboo-like frames, the indigo table runners, it just looks exquisite! Lynda from Focal Point Styling tells you all about her choices and process, and gives some great tips on DIY projects.

Washi Tape Light Switch

Washi tape is often used for DIY crafts, but here’s a unique approach to it as light switch decorator. If you like to pay attention to every detail in a room, you can definitely try an easy project like this one from Morning Creativity.

It actually manages to look very sweet and sincere on that simple background. 

Painted Flower Wall Mural Artwork

This gorgeous wall mural project from Hey Let’s Make Stuff is a bit daring, but you can definitely try it if you’ve got a bit of experience painting walls and are handy with measurements and geometry.

Besides, all the steps of the project are showcased there, and you can apply the same model to decorate other objects as well.

DIY Fabric Wall Cross

Faith is a matter of choice, as is your choice of representing it. I found these beautiful fabric wall cross pieces on the Makarios Decor shop, but I think they’re quite easy to replicate at home.

If you haven’t figured out by now, the whole point of DIY projects is that you can, and should adapt them to your own preferences and possibilities. Use any type of wood or panels you can find, paint them if you have to, and glue on the fabrics you choose.

DIY Modern Gold Wall Hanging with Tassels

Hanging tassels as decorative wall art? Now there’s a novel idea! It may require more minute work, but it’s really simple to create, as Brittany Makes proves into this post.

You can acquire the materials at any craft shop, or even find some in your home. I always use these projects as inspiration to create something unique that represents me, so feel free to experiment with colors, positioning, size, and placement.

DIY Shelf Gallery

Lauren has a great story on her Sobremesa Stories about how she redecorated her front room, but what’s really interesting about it is the shelf art gallery she created. It looks wonderful above the couch.

She purchased the paintings from the store, but perhaps you already have some laying around or want to make some yourself.

DIY Flower Art Pin

Pastels and paint are always a great choice when you’re looking to add color to a room. This type of flower pin painting can work well in bedrooms, above the bed, but it generally lends itself to any space.

You can even use it in modernly decorated spaces as a disruptor. And it involves painting with flowers! Ok Babble, now I really have to make this project!

DIY Striped Wall Art

Black and white render themselves easily to abstract paintings. It works particularly well for striped patterns, which are also kind of impossible to go wrong with, both in making and matching with a particular space or decorative style.

You can learn how to make your own DIY striped wall art at A Sweet Afternoon, and I’m giving you as homework to think about other color combinations you might use.

DIY Boom Wall Sculpture

This is a very daring and powerful piece. It looks like real art, or at least has a very avantgarde feel to it that can add that touch of refinement to a well-lit and airy living room. Make+Haus teaches you how you can make your own wall sculptures using styrofoam balls, bamboo skewers, and some metallic spray paint.

Shabby Chic Distressed Hanger

Hangers are always a neat idea for wall decoration, but you can take it to the next level and turn one into a real piece of art.

You can take cue from this project found on Welke, which restores a vintage hanger and turns it shabby chic by adding a layer of white paint, then distressing it to add a vintage feel to it. And what about that lace detail?

Washi Tape Picture Frames

I told you Washi tape is a versatile material. Here you can see it ingeniously used by Design Sponge to frame pictures on a wall.

I love how they used simple, yet charming geometric designs to create different types of frames, and combined a few colors and patterns to bring them to life. Consider adding personal photos, but postcards, painting replicas, or other images you like.

DIY Clock and Frame Gallery

Check out this great project from DIY Fun Ideas, which uses old frames and clocks to decorate an entire wall. You can easily recreate this idea if you have the pieces.

All you need to do is plan out arrangement beforehand, so you can achieve this homogenous look. Choose complimenting colors, and set this up in your living room.

Ombre Wall

Ombre Wall

If you don’t feel like crafting your own paintings or wall art decorations, perhaps you find it easier to paint accents directly on your wall. This gorgeous ombre wall created by The Projectory is so simple to make I think I’ll get right on it!

As you’ll see detailed on their site, all you need are some simple measurements, painter’s tape, and some paint samples. Use your own preferences in matters of colors, or improvise with angle directions to create your own unique DIY wall art!

Postcard Wall Art

Postcards are always fun, whether you get them from friends and family, or buy them yourself on your trip. But it’s difficult to display them properly, in a way that doesn’t clutter the room. That’s why I like this project from How About Orange.

They chose collection Penguin postcards, which feature some lovely colors. But you can pick what other collections you find, or use your own personal cards.

Pallet Wall

A pallet-paneled wall is a daring idea, but it looks amazing. The project you’re looking at was created by Brooke and Steph for their booth, and Vintage Show Off showcased their idea because it’s just so great!

They achieved this effect by covering the pallets in scrap paper, tissue, paint, wallpaper, magazines, and fabric. You can adapt it for the home by choosing more neutral tones or a more homogenous look. 

Modern Pallet wood Wall Art Design

Modern Pallet Wood Wall Art Design

I found this lovely wall art on Etsy, but it’s so simple that anyone can make it! Why spend dollars on it when you can make one using the colors you love?

Sam Bee makes these out of reclaimed wood. You too can use wood boards laying around the house, or that you can get for nothing from construction sites. Use duct tape to lay out your preferred pattern and mark the distance between color shades, and paint your heart away!

To give them that rustic feel that looks so great here, you can use boards that’ve had nails in them (make sure to remove them if still there) and rub the surface with sandpaper once the paint is well dried.

Rustic Pallet Wall Shelf

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that work. You can decorate your wall with minimal effort, and at almost no cost. Just find some scrap wood, invest a bit of time, and voila! You’ve got a lovely rustic wall shelf like this one from 101Pallets.

Or you can use the idea to create your own designs, to paint them, decorate them with books, family pictures, or candles.

Black and White Abstract Art

Sometimes the best wall decor accents come from simple tones. You can achieve great effects by using black and white, especially on a pastel backdrop wall, but it’s also an easy decorative choice, because it simply pairs with everything.

Here you can learn how to create your own abstract art at Earnest Home Co. and achieve the same striking look in your home.

Striped Wall Paint

Add a bit of style and personality to your room by partially repainting it. This is easier than repainting the entire room, and just as effective in decorating your walls. It can create an intimate setting, or make a bold statement.

The options and ideas are infinite, and you can learn all about painting stripes from Spoonful Of Imagination. You can also just use them as an accent and add one stripe as a horizontal border across the room.

DIY Favorite Quote Wall Art

Written messages make for a very likely and appealing wall art decoration. You’ve probably often stumbled on a passage in a book that really resonated, and which you keep coming back to from time to time.

On Chris Loves Julia, she shows you how she made a focal point painting for her living room using a quote by Robert Frost. Such a wonderful idea!

Dotted DIY Wall Art

Dotted DIY Wall Art

Wow, this looks refreshing, doesn’t it? And contrary to first impressions, it’s not that difficult to craft, either. The original source of this piece is Dabbles & Babbles, and it details all the steps to creating the perfect wall accent for your living room or bedroom.

These are simple materials like canvas, base paint, acrylic and circular pouncers. You can even make your own pouncers, and cut them into different geometrical shapes!