About Us

Our aim at The Canvas Prints is simple, To Help Our Customers In Any Way We Can. Helping doesn't mean expensive, we aim to provide quality canvas prints at low prices.

We have several year experience in photography and canvas printing. We have invested our time, and effort in developing a bespoke application to allow our customers to upload, design and order their canvas prints hassle free.

Unlike most of our competitors we do not charge for effects, or editing of your images. In fact with our state of the art canvas application you can design your own canvas easily from your mobile or computer.

We do not confuse our customers with several canvas material options either, instead we have already chosen the best material for your canvas and genuine inks with over 75 years of print guarantee. We know your photos are important to you so we only want to offer the best quality canvas prints.

After all we are the experts!

The Canvas Prints commits to provide quality on an affordable price. For more details follow us on Facebook or Twitter or contact us by filling Contact Us Form.

Our address is

The Canvas Prints
Union Mill
Vernon Street

union mill bolton