Personalised Photo Cushions

Transform your favourite memories into stunning home decor with our premium quality cushions -
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Enhance Your Home Decor with Personalised Photo Pillows

Available in faux suede, faux linen and polyester canvas materialsAvailable in faux suede, faux linen and polyester canvas materials
Removable colourfast machine washable cover - washing instructions printed insideRemovable colourfast machine washable cover - washing instructions printed inside
100% Polyester insert Virgin fibre (not regenerated)100% Polyester insert Virgin fibre (not regenerated)
Filling complies to BS 5852 Part 2Filling complies to BS 5852 Part 2
Edge to edge printingFeature Edge-to-edge coverage
Single or double sided printing availableOption for Single or double sided designs
Dye sublimated for unrivalled durability and colour vibrancyDye sublimated for unrivalled durability and colour vibrancy
Colour tested to strict regulationsColour tested to strict regulations
Production 3 working daysProduction 3 working days
Packed in clear plastic, then in black postal bagPacked in clear plastic, then in black postal bag

Make your living room homely with personalised cushions

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Elevate Your Comfort with Custom Photo Cushions!

Cushions are a soft, snuggly, fluffy delight that we all love to cuddle up with when relaxing or use to support our backs.

But what if you could make them look great and even better by adding your favourite photos? With our amazing range of products, you can do it just as you want.

Choose from an assortment of high-quality fabrics, including faux suede, canvas, and silky-smooth linen, to showcase your cherished memories printed onto cushions. Our products are available in single-sided or double-sided designs, ensuring your photos are displayed to perfection with all your desired features.

Our printing process is seamless, ensuring your personalised covers are free of any unsightly white spaces. And with our commitment to using only the best quality faux suede, you can rest easy knowing you can treasure your pillow with long-lasting comfort.

Simply upload your desired image, and we'll take care of the rest. Order your high-quality personalised cushion today and elevate your comfort.

personalised love cushion

Decorate Your Sofas With Premium Quality Cushions

You can find sofas in pretty much every single living room, and giving them a personal touch makes the entire place feel warm and cosy.

Transform your sitting area into a reflection of your personality with our personalised pillow covers. Our company takes pride in providing the best personalised printing services in the United Kingdom.

You can upload pictures of your loved ones from special occasions, favorite cartoons, or even jokes. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is entirely up to you.

Select and upload your image and order your picture pillow today. You won't be disappointed!

happy birthday cushion

Surprise Your Loved Ones With the Perfect Gift

Are you looking to express your love for someone special?

One of the many ways is to create a personalised cushion. You can design your own cushion range showcasing your true sentiments, making it a heartfelt and cherished gift for your loved ones.

It can make a good gift for any event like a birthday or an anniversary, or you can get one as an appreciation for their love.

These little gestures are the perfect way you'll keep the romance fresh.

Looking for a fantastic photo cushion?

Click an amazing picture, upload it, and Order from us - You will keep coming back for more!

quote on cushion

Freshen Up Your Home With the Best Personalised Cushions

Not all cushions are equal; some are squishier and more fun than others.

Get your very own cushion personalised by getting your picture, or name on it. Customising them with your own photos will make them even more special.

Make it a reflection of your personality by incorporating your favorite artwork, initials, or personal quotes. By adding these unique touches, you can ensure that your cushion stands out as a true representation of your individual style and taste.

So why settle for a plain cushion when you can have a custom one? Order now and make your cushion stand out from the crowd!

pile soft cozy cushions

Happy Times Meet Ultimate Comfort

Your living room is perfect for showcasing your favorite family memories and creating a cosy, comfortable environment.

By adding canvas prints to your walls and personalised back support to your couches, you can transform your living room into a haven of relaxation after a long day. And why stop there? Our custom pillows adorned with your cherished photos will add an extra touch of homeliness to your space.

With a little extra effort and thoughtful photo selection, you can create a living room that radiates positive energy and reflects your family's unique personality. So go ahead, upload your photo, and create a space where your family can truly unwind and enjoy each other's company.

cat on cushion

Print Pet Photos on Cushions

Our affordable photo cushions are the perfect way to show your love for your furry friends.

Give your Chihuahua a cosy place to rest with a personalized dog cushion, or treat your feline friend with a comfy personalised gift.

If you've lost a pet, a personalised cushion cover is a touching way to keep their memory close to your heart. Our cushion covers can be customised with your favorite photos, making them a beautiful and meaningful tribute to your furry friend.

Order your photo cushion, and give your furry companion the comfort and love they deserve!

cushion gift

Photo Cushions Make a Fantastic Gift

Personalised cushions make for a great gift.

You can get some pictures of a friend printed on a set of pillows, or write them a compliment that they will remember and cherish.

Is Mother's Day coming up? Don't forget to surprise your mum with this personalised gift!

The best thing is that with our high quality personalised cushion, you can express your love without breaking the bank!

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today and make your loved one feel extra special!

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cushion pics
Can you make a photo cushion from any picture?

Yes, we can. No matter how simple or elaborate the design may be, we’re here to customise your product according to your requirements.

Simply upload the desired image of your choice and leave the rest to us. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Are all personalised photo cushions made from the same material?

No, each personalised photo cushion is designed using any one of the three different material options on offer.

  1. Polyester Canvas
  2. Faux Suede
  3. Faux Linen
Will my photo cushion get damaged after machine washing?

Each photo cushion has been carefully curated with a material that is 100% washable. All of our designs are removable and can be simply put in a washing machine for quick cleaning purposes.

We also provide our customers with a printed instructions guide inside each product for added convenience.

What are the advantages of photo cushions?

There are many advantages to choosing photo cushions. They are affordable, easy to personalise, and made using the highest quality materials.

We also provide customers with a money-back guarantee to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our customer support is ready to assist you with any queries you might have regarding your product.

How can I personalise my photo cushions?

The best thing about our photo cushions is the ease of personalisation. Our state-of-the-art printing services can transfer any picture, logo, or design straight on the cushion’s cover.

Simply upload the image of your choice and we will handle the rest. Now you can order the best quality personalised products to give your home that elevated touch.

Can I customise the finishing and size of my cushions?

Just like fabric selection, we offer the option to customise their cushion’s size and finishing.

For size, you can choose between small, medium, and large according to your requirements.

Similarly, we offer a range of options for cushion finishings. They include faux suede single-sided stone, faux suede double-sided stone, canvas single-sided white, and linen single-sided white.

What are the uses for photo cushions?

Our personalised photo cushions have several different uses. You can use them as the perfect home decor element to enhance your living room, lounge area, or bedroom spaces.

Similarly, our photo cushions serve as the best-personalised gifts for loved ones. Now you can surprise those that mean the most with this fantastic gift.

And just in case that’s not enough, you can even treat your furry friends with some extra love using personalised pet photo cushions.

Will the picture on my cushions fade with time?

No, they will not fade for many years. Our seamless printing process ensures the best-personalised covers that are not only long-lasting but free of any unsightly white spaces.

We take pride in our commitment to giving customers the best quality with a guarantee. You can be rest assured knowing that the product can be treasured for years to come.

Can I get my pictures printed on both sides of my cushion?

Yes, you can get your images printed on both sides of the cushion with faux suede material. We make sure your pictures align perfectly with the pillow’s size and are displayed according to your liking.

Will my photo cushions be comfortable?

Yes, our photo cushions are not only soft and snuggly but an absolute fluffy delight. You’ll adore cuddling up to them after a long and tiring day.

They are the best for unwinding and can be used as great support for your back as well.

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