Cosmetic Bags

The perfect item for stashing your make up products and toiletries – or whatever else you can think of!

organizer cosmetic bag

Your accessories organizer on the go

Makeup bags and wash bags are made using 360gsm polyester canvas materialMakeup bags and wash bags are made using 360gsm polyester canvas material
PVC waterproof linerPVC waterproof liner
Available in 3 sizes: Small 9.5" x 5" (240x130mm), Medium 11.5" x 6.5" (290x160mm), Large 13" x 8.5" (330x220mm)Available in 3 sizes: Small 9.5"x5" (240x130mm), Medium 11.5"x6.5" (290x160mm), Large 13"x8.5" (330x220mm)
Finished with white premium zipperFinished with white premium zipper
Full edge to edge double-sided printingFull edge to edge double-sided printing
Dye sublimated for unrivaled durability and colour vibrancyDye sublimated for unrivaled durability and colour vibrancy
Colour tested to strict regulationsColour tested to strict regulations
Production 5 working daysProduction 5 working days
Packed in a clear bag then black postage bagPacked in a clear bag then black postage bag

If you carry a handbag and want to organize your smaller items in it, a cosmetic bag is an ideal product that will achieve the task.

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Printing Best Quality Tote Bags

Printing Best Quality Cosmetic Bags

So, you want to freshen up your makeup, and the lipstick is nowhere to be found in your handbag.

You struggle to find it and wonder why you did not put the lipstick in a cosmetic bag. You vow never to leave home without the cosmetic bag.

It’s a story that every woman has experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Makeup and toiletries should always be kept in a separate cosmetic bag so that you can find them when needed.

The handbags are often full of helpful and some not so helpful stuff. With all the stuffing, smaller items are hard to find.

Whether you’re heading to the office or traveling on the road, never forget to add a small cosmetic bag to your handbag. It can be such a big help

shop in style

A style statement

Along with being a handy accessory, your cosmetic bag can help you make a style statement as well.

There are different kinds of these bags, and the ideal ones are the customised ones. You can have a liked quote printed on them or even your name in a cool font.

If you want to make it very personal, a picture of yours or a loved one can be added.

A few size options allow you to experiment with what you want to add to the bag.

shopping girls tote bag

A useful gift

A cosmetic bag UK is an excellent gift option. It is a product that most ladies carry in their handbags when they go out.

It helps them stay organized, helping them find smaller products with ease.

If you’re out of ideas for gifts for a friend, small cosmetic bags are a good option.

Add a thoughtful quote, and they will remind them of you every time they use it.

girl with canvas bag

A small storage facility

The cosmetic bags are also helpful for storing small products.

Not all cosmetic products come in reusable packaging. Leaving them loose often leads to damaged or lost products.

You can use the cosmetic bags in hand to save them from being lost. If you don’t have any spare ones, getting a couple more is always a good idea.

Cosmetic bags can also hold your jewelry when you’re traveling.

You can also keep a couple of these in the car to store small items that you may need on the go.

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