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Have you ever wondered, "How will my image look on a canvas?"

Image resolution is an important factor that contributes to the overall quality of your prints. Without checking the resolution of your pictures, there is a chance the resulting prints might appear pixelated and blurry.

Thankfully, Our Image Resolution Checker can save the day!

Let us explain this.

PPI or Pixels per inch – what does it mean?

When choosing a picture for canvas printing, you must understand the impact of pixels per inch or PPI on the resolution.

In simple words, the number of pixels per inch will affect the sharpness and clarity of the printed picture.

The higher the number of pixels, the better quality you can expect in your canvas print.

For optimal printing results, you'll want to aim for a PPI value between 150 and 300.

This range strikes the perfect balance between resolution and file size, providing you with sharp, professional-looking prints that make your memories come to life.

So what is a pixel?

Each picture on the screen comprises hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of tiny elements known as 'pixels.'

Similar to jigsaw puzzle pieces, these pixels come together to form a bigger picture.

They are made up of a single, solid colour, and their perfect blend helps us see the whole image.

We can easily increase and decrease the size of our pictures for the ideal dimension.

However, this process also modifies the size of pixels. The count will remain the same; only the pixel size will change and become more visible to the human eye.

When printed, this may give your canvas picture a blurred and pixelated appearance.

Use our Image Resolution Checker to determine if your selected picture will result in the high-resolution canvas print you desire.

We take the guesswork out of the pixel count to give you clarity on how your photographs will look on our canvas.

How does the tool work?
  1. Upload the image you wish to print on a canvas.
  2. The tool will automatically analyse the picture and suggest the ideal print format.
  3. Take our recommendation and have your photos printed on canvas for display.

At The Canvas Prints, we offer premium quality photo canvases at affordable prices. Our fast delivery service in the UK ensures you receive the canvas print within three days of placing your order.

What if the tool doesn’t suggest the size I wanted for my canvas prints?

It can be confusing (and disappointing) for consumers to find their picture NOT SUITABLE for their preferred size.

However, this is a common occurrence if the pixel count is too low for a specific format or size.

Here are some tips to try if your preferred size doesn’t match with the suggested format:

  • Explore other sizes: If the Image resolution checker indicates a different size than the one you require, we suggest exploring the other options to ensure quality outcomes. At The Canvas Prints, we offer a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate your decor needs without compromising on the results.
  • Try resizing the picture: Enlarging the picture for printing is possible while preserving some of the essential data. However, significant modifications to the pixel count can ruin the image.
  • Choose another image: If you have your heart set on a specific size or have a decor element in mind, we recommend selecting another picture that resonates with the format.

If you are still uncertain or need personalise consultation, feel free to email us to discuss your specific requirements.

We take pride in your satisfaction and are committed to providing you with the best canvas print outcomes for your cherished memories and artwork.

How can you see a pixel?

If you are curious as a cat and wish to see a pixel then you can open a photo in a photo editing program like Photoshop and keep zooming in until you see tiny little blocks of different colours.

Each of those small blocks is a pixel.

Pixels and Megapixels – what are they?

A pixel is an essential part of image dynamics. The density of pixels is said to define the quality of an image. The unit for measuring that is known as the 'megapixel'.

You will come across this word when buying a camera. The higher the unit of the megapixel, the better the camera's resulting photograph will be.

Technically, a single megapixel equals 1,048,576 pixels. However, camera manufacturers, for the ease of understanding, consider it to be a round figure of 1,000,000 pixels to state how large of an image the camera is to capture.

Resolution, Pixels and Megapixels - the relationship

One of the most commonly used terms in the picture printing industry is that of image 'resolution'.

It is best explained as a rectangular grid that is made up of pixels. It is measured by the number of pixels per inch or more commonly referred to as dots per inch or 'DPI'.

An images physical size is mapped on according to its pixel dimension and density. This is carried out with the help of resolution settings, For example, a pixel dimension of 600 x 600 and a resolution of 300 DPI, the image would have a physical size of 2 "x2".

Similarly, a 1600 pixel x 1200 pixel image printed at 72 PPI, would have an image size of 22" x 16". In contrast, at 300 PPI, that same photo will come out to be 5.33" x 4". Thus you can see how important the resolution setting is when printing an image. Ideally, for a good quality printable image, it should be saved at 300 PPI.

Images on the screen and images on paper are poles apart!

As we said previously, the resolution of an image defines how many pixels will fit inside each inch of paper when it is printed.

As a photo has a certain fixed number of pixels, the more of them you print inside each inch of paper, the tinier the image will appear on paper.

Similarly, the fewer pixels you print per inch, the bigger the image will appear on paper.

The image resolution is a measure of the number of pixels that will be printed per inch. Keep in mind that this image resolution is related only with the printing aspect of the photo and has nothing to do with how the image looks on the screen.

Images that we download usually appear much larger on the computer screen then they are when printed.

What does Photoshop tell us?

Photoshop is one of the most widely used photo editing tools all over the world. It also tells the user about the current size and dimension of the photo.

If we scroll to the 'Image' menu on the Photoshop interface and click on 'Image Size', we will land upon two sections that this is divided into. We have the 'Pixel Dimensions' and the 'Document Size'.

Pixel Dimension and Image Size

As the name indicates, Pixel Dimensions tells us about the number of pixels in the image. The Document Size, on the other hand, tells us about the size of the image as it will appear on paper when printed.

In the Pixel Dimensions section, a photo that has a width of 1200 pixels and a height of 800 pixels may be the perfect dimension for printing. Yes, it may seem like a lot of pixels as 1200 x 800 equals 960,000 pixels!

Let's get real, 1200 x 800, it may be too large to fit entirely on your average laptop screens. Amazingly, this may not be hard to print on paper in the same size.

The Document Size explains what the current resolution of the image is, along with describing how small or large the image will be on paper when it is printed, based on that resolution.

With the resolution set to 72 pixels per inch, which means that out of the 1200 pixels that make up the photo from left to right (which is the width), 72 of them will be printed in each inch of paper.

Similarly for the height, out of the 800 pixels that make up the image from top to bottom (which is the height), 72 of them will print inside each inch of paper.

What resolution is best suited for professional-quality printing?

Typically, the universally accepted value for standard printing is 300 pixels per inch. Printing a photo that has an image resolution of 300 pixels per inch makes sure to fit together the pixels in a way that the image turns out looking sharp and crisp.

Why Choose Our Online Image Resolution Checker?

Effortless Precision: Our user-friendly tool takes the guesswork out of the equation. Easily check your image's resolution and PPI, ensuring you get the best results every time.

Print with Confidence: Bid farewell to mediocre prints that fail to do justice to your cherished moments. With our Image Resolution Checker, you can print with confidence, knowing that the outcome will be remarkable.

Share Your Best: Whether you're printing images for personal keepsakes or professional projects, our tool ensures you leave a lasting impression with crisp, clear visuals.

Unlock the true potential of your images today! Let our Image Resolution Checker be your trusted ally in the quest for stunning prints and picture-perfect memories.

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