Canvas Prints vs. Metal Prints (with Pros & Cons)

It is a major interior decor crime to leave your walls bare. Simply painting the wall with a bright colour or adorning it with tiles doesn't get the job done. Period!

So, instead of disregarding the walls, why not use the space to showcase special memories of your life and loved ones! You can also put up an inspiring quote or an amusing joke to keep the environment engaging.

But, wait!

Spoiler Alert: Framed photos are an expensive choice if you are thinking along those lines. And truthfully, they have been overused in the past era.

For a fresh and creative appearance, many homeowners are now choosing Canvas Prints and Metal Prints as an alternative to traditional wall decor. Both of them offer excellent results while being cheaper and highly reliable.

In this post, we will help you understand the differences between canvas prints and metal prints. And by the end, you will be able to decide which option is most suited for your decor needs.

What Are Canvas Prints?

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As the name suggests, these are canvases with printing on them. Besides off-the-shelf options, you can customise the canvas prints with your preference. Photographs, artworks, and even text - there is no restriction in design.

Canvases are made from organic and synthetic materials, such as cotton and hemp. They are lightweight and sturdy. The printing quality is top-notch thanks to the use of professional-grade printers.

Canvas prints are available in different shapes and sizes. Let's dig into the various options available.

Single Canvas Print

It is one of the preferred canvas options for prints. Any photo, graphic, or text can be printed on a single canvas.

  • It is perfect if you’re looking for a large-sized canvas to cover a significant portion of your wall.

  • You can benefit from dozens of different sizes and orientation options.

  • Different colour effects can also be added to the images to spice them up.

  • You can print panoramic photos on a single canvas and benefit from the various sizes and design options.

Split Canvas Prints

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Split canvases allow you to split a single image onto multiple canvases. Whether it’s a family photo from your wedding, an image of a beautiful beach in Bali, or a picturesque view of the sunset over the sea in the Bahamas, they all look fabulous on a split canvas print.

  • Many size options allow you to select one according to your needs.

  • You can choose different split canvas designs, including rectangular, square, diamond, and random shapes.

  • It’s possible to have a different number of panels for split canvases. Whether you want a three-panel rectangle, a four-panel square, a five-panel diamond, or a randomly sized multi-panel formation, they all look fantastic.

Collage Canvas Prints

Do you want to squeeze a lifetime of memories into one place? Why not make a collage and print it on canvas?

  • Available in different sizes, catering to your requirements.

  • You can also choose various design options to suit your personal preferences and interior needs.

  • Add as few as four and as many as a dozen snaps on a single canvas.

Benefits of Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have various benefits, and some of the most notable are listed below:

  • High-quality materials with professional-grade printing.

  • Several size options are available, allowing you flexibility.

  • Lightweight material, easy to hang on any kind of wall.

  • Hassle-free maintenance with mostly only dusting required.

  • Relatively inexpensive, it allows you to decorate on a budget.

  • Easy to store within a small space.

What Are Metal Prints?

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Metal prints are wall décor products with printed images on aluminum sheets. These prints are manufactured to easily hang on the wall, much like a traditionally framed photo or a canvas print.

Let’s dive into some of the main features of metal prints.

  • Images look excellent on an aluminum sheet due to the high-quality printing.

  • Metal prints have a satin finish, ensuring that the image is projected but isn’t overly glossy.

  • These prints are lightweight and do not compromise the strength of any kind of wall.

  • They’re durable and can withstand harsh conditions such as direct exposure to sunlight and moisture.

  • They are usually printed on high-quality aluminum sheets, which are scratch resistant.

  • They can be easily hung on a wall with the help of a hanging kit that comes with them.

Pros and Cons of Canvas Prints


  • They are affordable without compromising on durability and quality.

  • Versatile and suitable for all styles of decor.

  • Artsy and appropriate for any type of picture.


  • They are not waterproof unless a coating is applied for added security.

  • Not as durable as metal prints and may not last as long.

Pros and Cons of Metal Prints


  • They are waterproof and, thus, very easy to clean.

  • Scratch resistant.

  • Fade-proof and extremely durable.


  • Compared to canvas prints, metal prints are expensive.

  • More suitable for pictures with deep contrast.

  • It may not look appropriate with traditional room decor.

Differences Between Canvas Prints and Metal Prints

There are some subtle differences and similarities between metal and canvas prints. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Difference in the Materials

The materials are fairly different from each other. A canvas print usually comprises cotton or hemp, making it pretty lightweight. These canvases are stretched on wooden frames, making them sturdy and long-lasting.

Metal prints are typically made of aluminium, a solid but lightweight material. They are typically more durable than canvas prints; graphics on aluminium sheets cannot be scratched off and offer better sunlight resistance.

Difference in Finishing

Canvas print has a very smooth finish. The image is perfectly centered in the frame. The surface of the canvas is perfect for enlarged images without pixelating them.

Metal prints have an elegant, satin finish. It ensures that the prints are not too shiny and do not reflect light onto onlookers while showcasing sharp images.

Expected Life Span of Each Option

With minimal care, a canvas print can last for many years, even decades. The printing quality is also top-notch. If the canvases are not physically damaged or affected by adverse conditions such as direct sunlight and too much moisture, they stay fine.

Aluminium prints have a long life, much like canvases. They can withstand harsh conditions such as sunlight and moisture, and they don't get damaged easily. Dinging them with hammers, though, isn't a very good idea.

Different Size Options Available

Canvas prints come in dozens of sizes as well as shapes. Whether you’re looking for a single canvas, a diamond-shaped split canvas, a square four-panel wall package, or something else, it is likely there.

Metal prints have different options, including square and rectangular shapes. They’re slightly limiting compared to the canvas print options.

Best Places to Put the Prints

You can place a canvas print anywhere in the house. They fit in and look good in your family room, kitchen, or bathroom. They can survive harsh conditions with canvas coating, making them an ideal part of your interior décor.

Aluminium prints are also a good fit for the various areas within the house. If people or objects are not bumping into them, they'll look amazing. Metal prints can withstand unfriendly conditions like moisture, sunlight, and dust.

Difference in Prices

Canvas prints are inexpensive, and you can decorate your home on a budget. You can get larger canvases for a reasonably low cost.

The metal prints are also pretty reasonably priced. The prices for the smaller prints are similar to canvases, but the larger ones cost more than canvas prints. However, they are still cheaper than traditionally framed photo prints.

Storage Options for Both Types of Prints

Storing a canvas print is a pretty simple task. If they are stretched, you can place them upright in a box away from moisture. Rolled canvases can be placed in plastic tubes specially made for them.

It would be best to exercise a little more caution for metal prints. They should be individually wrapped in plastic and then in a cardboard box. To ensure they do not get dings or dents during their storage period, you can also add a protective layer of bubble wrap.

Which is the Best Option?

Both of the options have some pretty good points in their favour. They're both lightweight and easy to hang on any kind of wall. They also fit well in the different parts of the home's décor and have an ultra-long life.

There are also some subtle differences. The metal prints are somewhat costlier and need extra care when stored. The canvas prints also have more size options.

All in all, they’re both excellent wall décor options. It generally comes down to personal preferences and factors like the budget, the required print sizes, and which material looks better with the overall scheme.

The Bottom Line

Canvas and metal prints are excellent options for your interior décor. They ensure that the walls are not dull. You also get to relive some of your more cherished memories or stare at your favourite places in the world.

Whether you opt for a canvas print or a metal one is entirely up to you. Both have many positive attributes, and you can’t go wrong with either one.


Can I use chemical cleaners on my canvas prints?

No, you are not supposed to use chemical-based cleaners for canvases. For the most part, you can get the job done with a mildly moist washcloth. If there is a grime build-up, you can remove it with a cloth and some soap and water.

Do metal prints fade away in the sunlight?

They can fade away slowly over time when they’re in the direct path of the sunlight. However, it does not happen overnight, and the print is good for years. The simple way to avoid this is to place the prints away from a source of direct sunlight.

Can I put my prints in the bathroom?

Bathrooms have high moisture levels, and traditional photographs cannot withstand it. However, metal and canvas prints can be placed in the bathroom without damaging them. They can even be hung in the kitchen, where there is a lot of grease. Keep in mind that you would need to apply canvas coating on canvases to make them waterproof.

Can I hang an aluminium print on sheetrock walls?

Aluminium is a lightweight material, and you can easily hang aluminium prints on all kinds of walls, including sheetrock. The prints do not compromise the strength of the wall in any way.

Are canvas prints easy to hang?

Canvas prints are straightforward to hang. Standard commercial canvas prints are pre-stretched and come with a hanging kit. You can quickly assemble it and hang the prints in no time.