What is a Mirror Wrapped Canvas

You will always experience emptiness in your décor if your interior walls are basic and uninteresting. Beautiful images bring things to life.

You can decorate your walls with a variety of items, such as family photos or self-portraits. You may also add some personality to your walls by hanging jokes and phrases. A stunning megacity skyline would also be stunning.

As a DIY project, you can stretch canvas prints yourself, or simply upload your photo and get your own personalised canvas. However, there is one more thing you can do to enhance their appearance. Opt for mirror-wrapped canvases!

What is a Mirror Wrapped Canvas

Usually, canvas prints are stretched on wooden frames and then hung on a wall. Since the images are 2D, the frame's outer edges are plain. They're primarily white, though some people opt for other colours or add some art to them.

Another option that can make the canvas stand out further is the mirror-wrapped canvas. Mirror wrap canvas prints are created by wrapping the nearest part of the picture over the sides, creating a reflection-like appearance on the canvas edges. As the name implies, the outer edges of the canvas mirror the corresponding area of the image.

Both colour wrap canvas prints and mirror wrapped prints show part of the image at the borders. The distinction is that while colour wrapped canvas prints simply continue the image over the sides, mirror wrapped prints somehow mirror part of the front edge.

Why Choose a Canvas Mirror Wrap

Canvas prints help complete your home's décor. Mirror wrapped canvases add even more value to your indoors and can also be used for other purposes.

Here are some reasons why you should opt for them.

  • Mirror wrapped canvases give a wholesome feel to the image on the wall.

  • With the edges covered, it adds more to the appeal of the print on canvas.

  • They have a refined finish feel compared to a simple canvas print.

  • You can convert your photos on mirror wrapped cheap canvas prints without hurting your pocket and adding lots to your décor's appearance.

  • They make an excellent gift for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, or promotion.

Can All Images Fit the Bill

Unfortunately no, not all photos are suitable for a mirror canvas wrap. Pictures need to have certain features to make an excellent fit to be mirror wrapped.

  • Images that are too small with the insufficient subject matter are not good candidates.

  • The image quality also plays a part, and you can mirror low-quality images, but they don't offer the best results.

  • The objects around the edges should make sense when they're mirrored.

  • Check the appearance of the images when you have alphabets in the wrap. They might look very odd once you mirror them.

The key is finding the right image to mirror. Many a time, a photo that looks great on canvas may not be suitable for a mirror wrap, so double-checking the edges of the photos is important.

How to Order a Mirror Wrapped Canvas Print in the UK

Usually, you need to use photo editing software and some skill to get your photo ready to be mirror wrapped.

However, you don't have to be a graphics guru. You can benefit from our Design Your Canvas page to get the job done easily.  For your convenience, we also offer a free image editing service.

  • You can play around with options like flipping it and zooming in and out.

  • You can also add image effects

  • Select the style of canvas print style you want. There are multiple options, such as single canvas print, split canvas, and wall display canvas packages.

  • You can choose mirror wrap from the wrap dropdown menu. There are a couple of other options available here as well i.e. Gallery Wrap and Solid Colour Wrap

  • Next up, you can choose the size from the wide range of options available. You can also enter a custom size for your canvas print.

Once you finalize the details, you can confirm your order and wait for it to be delivered to you in three days.  We are image experts and if your photo is not suitable to be printed on canvas, we will email you before processing the order.

The Bottom Line

Mirror wrapped canvas prints add a lot to your interior décor. Since there are no blank spots on the canvas, it gives a fantastic feel to the onlookers. The key is finding the right photograph to quickly get the mirror effect.

Our tools are simple and only take a few seconds to complete the task. You can benefit from the numerous options available and ensure that you have a fantastic-looking décor throughout your living space.