Styles and sizes


Single canvas prints

Price From: £12.30

Find below all the sizes and prices we offer in square.

Sizes Our Prices
6"x6" £12.30 Order Now
8"x8" £14.70 Order Now
10"x10" £18.90 Order Now
12"x12" £21.00 Order Now
14"x14" £21.30 Order Now
16"x16" £23.70 Order Now
18"x18" £27.00 Order Now
20"x20" £31.50 Order Now
24"x24" £35.10 Order Now
30"x30" £45.90 Order Now
36"x36" £54.00 Order Now
40"x40" £64.80 Order Now

Rectangle Canvas

Price From: £17.70

Find below all the sizes and prices we offer in rectangle.

Sizes Our Prices
12"x8" £17.70 Order Now
14"x12" £21.30 Order Now
18"x12" £22.80 Order Now
18"x14" £22.80 Order Now
20"x16" £27.00 Order Now
24"x16" £28.50 Order Now
24"x20" £32.40 Order Now
30"x16" £33.00 Order Now
30"x20" £35.10 Order Now
30"x24" £43.50 Order Now
40"x30" £52.50 Order Now
50"x36" £101.70 Order Now

Panaroma Canvas

Price From: £21.30

Find below all the sizes and prices we offer in panaroma.

Sizes Our Prices
16"x8" £21.30 Order Now
20"x8" £24.90 Order Now
20"x10" £25.80 Order Now
24"x8" £27.00 Order Now
24"x12" £27.60 Order Now
36"x12" £32.40 Order Now
36"x20" £41.70 Order Now
40"x20" £44.70 Order Now
50"x16" £55.50 Order Now
50"x20" £64.80 Order Now
60"x20" £87.60 Order Now
60"x36" £108.00 Order Now

Other Canvas Variations



Interesting walls can be created with the split of a single photo across multiple canvases. These split photo canvas prints of varying sizes look their best especially on large size wall areas.

A number of effects can also be applied to the image that is then split into canvases to create powerful statements.

You can simply choose any image of your choice, chose the way you want to split, apply the appropriate affects and then order. Free image editing services are also offered by our designers who can add special effects and finally create splits that look amazing on the wall.

Create your own Size and Prices


Print multiple photos of your choice on various canvases of different sizes through wall display canvas packages.

You can apply different effects on these canvases so that they look good when they finally hang together.

Select the images and sizes for the canvases. Apply the style of your choice and then order your wall display canvas package. Free image Editing Services by our skilled designers can add beautiful effects to your images. You can select same effects to be applied to all the canvases that form the display.

Create your own Size and Prices
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