What is a Canvas Print without Frame

As the name implies, a canvas print without a frame is an artwork not set in a specific border. Instead, it is either stretched onto wooden bars that serve as an internal frame, or the artwork is printed on canvas material and delivered in a rolled format. Choosing between an unframed canvas or a framed style depends on your personal preference and interior design goals.

A Closer Look At Unframed Canvas Prints

A print without a frame highlights the natural texture and depth of the raw canvas material. The absence of a frame minimizes distraction, allowing the artwork to take centre stage. The versatile canvas print style also blends seamlessly with your unique decor choice, complementing modern and classic settings.

Unframed canvas prints are created in two distinct forms: Rolled Canvas Print and Canvas with Internal Frame. Let’s discuss them in detail to help you select a canvas print style that resonates with your personal preference and interior design goals.

Rolled Canvas Print

A rolled canvas print is a flexible option for decor and art enthusiasts. In this format, your selected image will be printed on a canvas material, similar to the customary techniques. However, it will not be stretched or mounted onto a frame. Instead, the print will be carefully rolled and packaged for delivery or storage.

Key Characteristics of Rolled Canvas Print

  • Enhanced Details: Rolled canvas prints ensure the finer details of your selected photograph are more prominent. The frameless style prevents obstructions along the edges of your canvas print, offering the viewers an immersive visual experience.

  • Flexibility: Since the canvases are available without a frame, you have the freedom to experiment with different ways of presentation. For example, you can tape them in a similar format to posters and swap them periodically to refresh the decor.

  • Custom Framing Options: Imagine the rolled print as a blank canvas (pun intended) for your framing ideas. For the rolled prints, you can select any material and colour for the frames. This helps create a truly unique and tailored presentation. Plus, you can conveniently frame the canvas prints by following our DIY process.

  • Compact: Rolled canvas prints are incredibly easy to transport and store. If you are someone who enjoys rotating their artwork or have limited storage space, this is the perfect choice for you. Simply roll the canvas print in a packing tube and keep it in the dry areas within your home. Your artwork is also at less risk of damage during storage and transportation when they are securely packed in a rolled container.

  • Cost-Effective: The lack of frames makes the rolled canvas print an affordable option. This is especially attractive for decor enthusiasts and collectors who enjoy upgrading their space without breaking the bank.

Canvas Prints with Internal Frame

Not to be mistaken for a frameless canvas print, this style comes with an internal frame for enhanced structure and stability. The printed canvas material is stretched on high-quality wooden bars that work as a concealed frame, eliminating the need for any additional hardware. Similar to the rolled canvas, the internal framed canvas provides a detailed view of your picture without any visual distractions.

Key Characteristics of Canvas Prints with Internal Frame

  • Sturdy Structure: The internal framework acts as a support for the canvas material. This prevents any unsightly sagging or drooping over time due to the weight of the canvas and the effects of gravity. This also ensures your canvas artwork retains its intended shape and appearance during the course of its lifetime.

  • Prevents Warping: Canvas materials are sometimes prone to warping in varying humid levels. Changes in the moisture level of the environment can cause the canvas to expand and contract, potentially leading to warping. Thankfully, the internal wooden frame counteracts this by providing full support to the canvas. This enhances the lifeline of your photo canvas - regardless of the room you choose for the presentation.

  • Ready to Hang: Canvas prints are delivered in a ready-to-hang form. The convenient feature is a time-saving benefit, allowing you to display your artwork immediately. And since there are many user-friendly ways to hang a canvas print, you will not require any specialised equipment or professional assistance.

  • Versatile Decor: The presence of coloured frames often restricts your decor freedom. However, when you choose our selection of photo canvas prints with an internal frame, the creative possibilities become endless. Whether your space has a contemporary, traditional, or bold aesthetic, canvas art will definitely complement and enhance the ambiance.

What Makes Canvas Prints Without Frame a Perfect Decor Choice?

Canvas photo prints without a frame, whether rolled canvas prints or prints with an internal frame, offer multiple benefits that make them an ideal choice for your decor. Here, let’s explore the common advantages you can avail of when ordering from The Canvas Prints UK.

Availability of Varying Sizes

At The Canvas Prints, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to decor. This is why we bring versatility in sizes, allowing you to select the dimensions that best suit your space and decorative preferences. Our canvas print sizes start from 6” X 6” to 12” X 24”. You can also choose a custom size between 6” and 40” for your personal pictures and personalise your space for the perfect look.

Style Diversity

We provide you with canvas style options that match your unique decorative vision. This includes:

  • Panoramic Canvas Print: The panoramic photo canvas is ideal for creating an impact with landscape photography or beautiful scenery.

  • Square Canvas: The square canvas prints are an excellent choice for showcasing a balanced and symmetrical look in your decor.

  • Rectangle Canvas: The traditional landscape style of canvas brings elegance and timeless aesthetics. It is an ideal choice for a large photo canvas.

  • Split Canvas: The multipanel display of pictures adds a contemporary twist to your decor. Choose from varying dimensions to illustrate your vision.

The Wrap Options

Fameless canvas prints offer a clean appearance, highlighting your picture with a distinctive wrap style on the edges. At The Canvas Prints, you will find three wrapping options for your photo canvases:

  • Gallery-Wrapped Canvas: Our most popular style is a gallery-wrapped canvas. The canvas material is stretched and tightly secured over the internal frame. The canvas extends over the sides, concealing the internal frame and creating a harmonious appearance. The gallery-wrapped presentation adds sophistication to the artwork, replicating the displays in art galleries and museums.

  • Mirror Edges or Mirror Wrap: To create this style, the outermost portion of the image's edges is mirrored, creating a reflective effect. This means that the outer edges of your prints are duplicated on the sides. However, not all pictures are suitable for mirror wrapping. Use our preview image option to determine if your chosen picture fits the criteria.

  • Solid Colour Wrap: With this option, the sides of the canvas are wrapped with a solid color of your choice. The presentation style allows you to coordinate the canvas with your room's color scheme, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing display.

Difference Between a Framed and Unframed Canvas

A framed canvas print is pretty much similar to the traditional frames we use for our glossy photographs. An exterior frame surrounds the edges of the canvas to provide the artwork with a finished and polished look. The frames are available in wood, metal, and acrylic. You can also choose from different colours to match your intended aesthetics.

A framed canvas print brings a finished appearance to the picture. On the other hand, the borderless look of the unframed canvas seamlessly adapts to any room decor. But regardless of your selection, the benefits of canvas prints are numerous. With these canvas prints, you can display your favourite memories in any size, dimension, and placement of your choice. They are also durable and can retain their vibrancy for extended periods with minimal maintenance.

Discover Your Canvas Art at The Canvas Prints UK

Elevate your decor with many sizes, styles, and wrap choices available at The Canvas Prints. We will help you create an ambiance that reflects your individuality and taste. Join us for a delightful artistic journey, and upload your image to get started!